Leadership Training Games

Leadership training games are a definite positive addition to any leadership class. It helps to drive a point home on any topic. Over the almost forty years I have been involved in training it has been a tremendous blessing.

Everything from Team Building to Counseling Skills you need something that makes your point stick and hit home to them individually.

Trust is another part of the process and developing it can be accomplished through well thought out games that allow them to laugh, as well as, think as a team together.

Refer to some of my meeting ice breakers on a different page of this website, as well as, some leadership training activities on another.

The one I like is where you have someone blind folded and they must listen carefully to the instructions of someone else to find something or navigate through something in the room.

Another is where you have the person leave the room and then you place a familiar object somewhere in the room. Call the person back into the room and have someone else walk behind that person. If the person is going away from the object have the person behind call out “Bad Job”. If they are going in the right direction of the object, have the person call out “Good Job”. Put a time limit on it so that it doesn't go on forever.

A twist to this would be to only call out “Bad Job” or “Good Job and you will see that good job is much more effective most of the time.

Use your imagination and/or put a twist onto games you find on my website or in this great book.

Thank you for taking the time to reviewing this leadership training games information and May God Bless You!

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