Leadership Stories
The Perfect Employee or Wife

Here is another one of my leadership stories that addresses the question, how do you define what a good employee really is?

Good leadership skills helps you to understand the difference between a good and not so good employee.

I had an employee in the past that fit into the category of what I considered to be a good employee, or at least they did in the beginning. Everyone I am sure has had one of these.

They showed up for work everyday, and on time.

They took their breaks on time and got back on time.

They worked hard and stayed productive all day.

The amount of work and quality of work was outstanding.

Leadership Stories - The Perfect Employee or Wife

They took care of the equipment they used and when they were done with it they would clean it and put it away properly.

If you gave them instructions you could almost take it to the bank that they would get it done correctly.

They voluntarily went out of their way to do extra things, when they were caught up.

Now all of that sounds great doesn't it? I can hear you saying now, what's the problem?

Many times when we get an employee like this we bend over backwards to give them whatever they need to keep them going in the same direction.

Leadership Stories - The Perfect Employee or Wife

We may begin to over look other issues like how they may address some of their coworkers.

Maybe some little side comments they make to outside customers.

We may in a covert way turn over some power to them, by continually reinforcing how good they are. They translate that into, I'm so good that they can't do without me!

They catch a little break here and a little break there and before you know it you have a problem on your hands.

Leadership Stories - The Perfect Employee or Wife

Here is how I can put it into perspective.

You have the perfect wife.

They show you all kinds of affection.

They are great at taking care of the house.

They are a great cook.

They are a great Mom.

They always look their best.

They support you in all things.

On, and on, and on! You get it! They are the perfect wife! The wife that everyone dreams of having!

They only have one little flaw. They like to date other Men!

Did I say little flaw?

Leadership Stories - The Perfect Employee

Sometimes, we have to put things into perspective and realize that there are certain things that are deal breakers, whether in a marriage or as an employer.

Well this employee was the perfect employee except they crossed the line and it became a deal breaker.

In this particular case the employee was found to have been intoxicated at work. It wasn't over the legal limit but still intoxicated! They became so comfortable with the idea that they could not be replaced that they crossed way over the line.

It was a deal breaker!

We soon found out that the organization did not collapse after they were gone.

Leadership Stories - The Perfect Employee or Wife

As a matter of fact after they were gone we found out that they had been making all kinds of remarks and being abusive to other employees.

These employees felt as though we wouldn't listen to them because the offending employee was so highly regarded.

Point is to be careful how you treat people. Everyone is watching. Don't, in an indirect way give to much power to someone.

That is not to say that you should not praise when praise is called for. Just see the picture clearly.

Don't create the perfect wife, where her only problem is that she likes to date other Men!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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