A Good Leadership Quote Can Make A Difference!

When I was doing a search a while back to find a good leadership quote, I found an abundance of them. But none of them really defined leadership as I see it. Many of them focused on the selfish aspects of leadership such as not wanting anybody to get in your way. I was so disappointed in my search results that I decided to make up my own leadership quote:

"A good leader is one that gets people to do cheerfully and willingly exactly what they formerly had absolutely no desire to do."

To me this is what defines a good leader. It is someone who has a way of patiently reasoning with a person to see the benefits of following them. The follower may begin by resisting some course, but after the leader has explained why the course must be taken and then graciously asks the person for their cooperation, this same follower begins to do and even to advocate what was so objectionable to them before.

Good leadership is needed in any organization, whether large or small. Anytime people undertake to do something together, there will always be a need for leaders and followers. Things always run smoother where such cooperation is to be found.

A good leader is a good teacher. A leader that does not take the time to teach his followers will not be able to get them to do very much. A productive follower is a well-informed one. This principle applies in all stations of life: secular, family, and religious. When I know why I must do something, when I must do it, how I must do it, and why it will benefit me, I am much more likely to do it, and do it with a cheerful attitude.

A good leader is unselfish. There are so few good leaders in the world today, mainly because many people reach out for leadership so that they can get their own way. Today, leadership is often nothing more than a quicker means of fulfilling selfish wishes and desires. People want more money, power, fame, or prestige, and in some cases all four. Leaders are completely ineffective when they are looking out for their own interests.

A good leader is positive. Nothing dampens the morale of a group like having a pessimistic leader. People thrive under the leadership of someone who is cheerful and energetic, and inspires others to be the same. Many amazing things in history have been accomplished just because of people believing that they could happen. On the other hand, entire nations have been undermined due to a negative attitude that prevailed among the people.

Finally, a good leader is a good delegator. Very few leaders can do it all by themselves. They often need help and once they recognize this, they are on the road to success. Trusting others to carry out a task often instills confidence in them and frees up the leader's available time and resources. Now you have my opinion of what is a good leadership quote.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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