Leadership Attributes - I owe it all to my Dad...

Leadership attributes are traits in an individual that define them - such as integrity. One can try to force themselves to use certain attributes - but the bottom line is - they come naturally to great leaders. They don't have to think about them - and that is what makes their effective leadership style so great.

My dad - who had great attributes - taught me early in life that your actions define who you are as a person. Anyone can talk a good game - but true leaders live their life in such a way - you can't help but believe in them.

My dad came from a very poor family of 13 brothers and sisters. He was the oldest of this very large group. For the most part his Uncle Mike raised him. Shoes were a luxury along with plenty to eat. He would often tell me stories of when they sat down for a meal - no one complained about anything - they would just eat.

Here are just a few of the leadership attributes that my father demonstrated to me over the course of his life ...

...Never quit - don't let statistics dictate the outcome

...Work hard at whatever you do

...Let your yes be yes and your no be no

...Help those in need with your time

...Honesty and integrity

...Put these first before any others - God - Family - Job - and in that order

...Focus on today - with an eye on tomorrow

...Your ultimate boss is God - work with this in mind

...Always set high standards for yourself and work hard to achieve them

...Be an example for others to follow

...Playing with the cards you are dealt

...Courage to make the right decision

...Take control of any situation - control your destiny

...Talk the walk and talk the talk

...Create hope by showing hope through your actions

...Do what is right always

I could list several more leadership attributes that my dad continually demonstrates on a daily basis - but I will leave you with these today.

These made his effective leadership style so valuable to all that he came in contact with.

For some more on an opposing view of whether leaders are born or created. Robert Fordham provides some excellent information on that viewpoint! He touches on many different aspects of leadership development that I find interesting.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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