Leadership Attribute – Confidence & Passion

When discussing leadership attributes confidence must be near the top of the list! Understand we are not referring to arrogance, but a quiet confidence that is reassuring to any subordinate staff.

We’ve probably all seen or worked for the leader that is arrogant. The one that struts around proclaiming that they are in charge! In most cases belittling as many staff members as possible trying to show everyone that they are calling the shots! This is not confidence, this is stupidity!

Leadership attributes like confidence are acquired through knowledge and experience. That is why young leaders have such a problem with leadership, they lack the experience element. In those cases they need to fill the void of experience with different types of leadership attributes such as a willingness to learn from your staff by asking questions and understanding that they have a lot to offer, i.e., tapping into their experience.

I still remember the day that they terrorist creeps attacked our nation back on September 11, 2001. That day was filled with anger and fear. Having previously served in the United States Marine Corps for twelve years I knew that this act would lead to some type of well deserved response from our Government. A few days later when President Bush proclaimed from the rubble with his bull horn that they, the terrorist creeps, would hear from us soon it was the type of confidence I had hoped for from our President.

Attributes like confidence are what make great leaders. Leaders that mean what they say and say what they mean! Leaders that are not pretenders, but doers! Just as President Bush backed up his statement with action so must all leaders. On the other hand if President Bush would have responded without thought or planning, but haphazardly our confidence in him would have diminished dramatically.

I spoke earlier that confidence is a product of knowledge and experience. Mr. Stephen Covey recommends in his Seven Habits Course to Sharpen the Saw. I actually love that analogy. Understanding a little bit about carpentry the idea of insuring that the saw blade is sharp is so important. In leadership insuring that you are always up to date on the latest technology and methods is equally as important. Obtaining that knowledge will increase your confidence so that when you step out to lead your staff they will follow.

Other leadership attributes are creativity, passion, decision making, creating a vision, and many more.

The best advice I can give to any person in a leadership role is to be your own person. If you try to emulate someone else’s leadership style you will be seen as a fake. That is not to say you shouldn’t study or learn from other great leaders, it simply means you can’t be them. The only person you can be is you.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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