Job Interview Responses

Any Job Interview Responses that you give make sure you engage your mind before engaging your mouth. More qualified individuals are turned down for great positions because they say something that just isn't appropriate during a Job Interview.

So let's talk about some things are not desirable Job Interview Responses.

Never put down or joke about a protected class. This means even telling a blonde joke, which is not appropriate. This doesn't even matter if you are blonde yourself, it is still not appropriate.

Some more inappropriate responses would be anything negative about the opposite sex, a person's national origin, a person's race, a person's sexual preference, a person's age, or like I mentioned any other protected class. This will spell immediate problems for you. They may not say something directly, but I guarantee you will be finished.

No matter what only answer the questions with the amount of information that will satisfy the interviewer. Responses should be long enough to give the right information, but short enough not to bore the interviewer. I have been in so many interviews where the candidate just keeps rambling on and on about absolutely nothing. Sometimes I remain quite just to see if they will continue to speak. I get more information out of them, but not necessarily something that is going to make me hire them. In fact in most cases they keep talking enough to ensure they won't get the job.

It's good to let them you know you have a sense of humor but don't destroy yourself in the process. So if you want to risk it and try something witty them you better make sure it does not offend them.

Everyone has a different sense of humor and yours may not be their style. I had one candidate refer to his spouse as the Warden! It was not well received. They were trying to be cute but it wasn't working for them.

You're responses all have some weight to them so don't waste any of your comments or answers by trying to be cute. Be prepared when you go into that room. You are selling yourself and that means you need to be able to prove you will have great value to this organization. Unless you are trying to get hired as an entertainer, don't try to be cute! It won't work in almost all cases.

Take every opportunity when you are giving your Job Interview Responses to present your qualifications, such as your educational background, life experiences, work experiences, problem solving abilities, team player, reliability, etc. Don't waste it on humor!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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