Jesus Being Crucified

Jesus being crucified

Jesus being crucified means everything to me!

Have you really thought about it?

Yes we have all probably seen the movies that portrayed His crucifiction, but have we gone beyond that to think about it from a very personal perspective?

Now keep in mind that I am a committed Christian! But whether you are or not, you can not walk away from the story of Jesus being crucified without knowing that He was exceptional!

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Why Was Jesus Being Crucified


Because whether He was the Son of God (which I believe) or not, he handled himself on the way to the cross in a way that left no question He was different.

The Bible is deemed one of the most accurate historical records of any other book. This being the case let's take the story from that perspective.

If you were arrested for something that you did not do, and was drug off to an angry mob to be tried how would you react?

The best defense possible...

I can't imagine anyone not trying to put up the best defense possible to get out of the predicament.

We would be accusing them of railroading us! Of a terrible injustice! Every chance we were given we would be trying to give them our side of the story.

Keep in mind that Jesus was innocent! Yet whenever they asked Him anything he gave them the truth!

He did not try to recreate the truth, but just the straight truth. When asked if He had referred to Himself as God he could have denied it easily enough. But knowing that He would face certain death, He remained true to His commitment to providing us our salvation.

He was spit on! He was beaten beyond recognition! He had a crown of thorns placed and smashed onto His head! He was mocked! He was humiliated! He was nailed to the cross! He was placed between two common criminals and left to die a cruel and gruesome death!

If they placed me on the cross...

But what does He say as He hung there? Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!

I know what I would have been saying if they placed me on the cross! That would not have been my choice of words.

That is exactly why I needed Him to do exactly what He did!

Let's review again the pain and suffering He went through on His way to the Cross, which in itself was painful enough!

Imagine for a moment being beaten beyond recognition! He was the Son of God! He willingly allowed them to beat Him simply because He loved us so much! He knew this was the only way!

I know we have all heard people say that if God loved us so much why would he send people to Hell?

Fact is that we choose for ourselves where we spend eternity.

But let's talk about the type of Love that God has for us.

We deserved to be there...

He willing let His son go to the cross!

He allowed His Son to take our place there! We deserve to be there! Not Him!

He allowed His Son to be spit upon by mockers! It should have been us!

He allowed His Son to be beaten an unimaginable beating!

He allowed them to take a crown of thorns and smash it upon His head. These thorns were no ordinary thorns. They were about one and half inches in length.

He could have spoken the world out of existence!

By allowing this it provided for Sin to be washed away for those that choose Him, His Son as their personal savior.

Yes, Jesus being crucified was an expression of so much Love for us, by Him!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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