Internet Cafe Business Plan

Preparing an internet cafe business plan can be intimidating so let’s start with a few questions to get you thinking.

Yes, starting a new business is very exciting!

An Internet Cafe!

To avoid bankruptcy my strong recommendation is to produce a Business Plan that accounts for most, if not all, the first-year bumps that will get in your way!

internet cafe business plan

An Internet Cafe Business Plan Must Include Your Competition & Much More!

Trust me you will have bumps along the way!

The real question is if you planned well, they do not turn into Mt. Everest!

The idea of opening an Internet Cafe business is exciting but I hope that you have considered several of the major factors before you take your first step.


Who are your customers?

Where will your customers be coming from?

Why will your customers choose your Internet Cafe over someone else's?

If your Internet Cafe Business Plan does not include the answers to these questions you better start over with a new business plan! These are key critical questions that you must have the answers to.

So, who are your customers?

One great source for finding out where your customer is would be the United States Census Bureau.

As an example, if you have decided that you are going to target the younger person maybe eighteen to twenty-five you would be able to find out where this individual is most often located through the US Census Bureau.

You could broaden or narrow your search for this type of person by plugging in zip codes, counties, cities, states, etc.

This type of information is so important for your Internet Cafe Business Plan. It will help you determine the best location.

Notice I said that the information on where your customer is located will help you determine where to locate your business. If you have decided where you will be located at prior to finding out if your potential customer is located nearby you have it all backwards:

This is a key mistake made by many new business owners.

They find a building or business for sale then they go out looking for customers to serve! Bad idea!

The next item on your list of things to find out for your Internet Cafe Business Plan is who is your competition?

You can do a number of things here.

You can check with the local Chamber of Commerce!

You can do an Internet search!

You can open up your telephone book!

Once you know who your competition is, I would strongly suggest you visit their business.

Find out what makes them tick!

What are the customers doing and buying?

How is the interaction with the people serving the customers?

What is the decor like?

How about the furnishings, are they comfortable?

Go to as many of your competitors as possible so that you can take a serious look at what will make your Internet Cafe different than any of the others. If you can't answer that question after visiting them, I would put the brakes on your Internet Cafe Business Plan until you can!

The answer to this question will answer the next question and that is how are you going to approach marketing your Internet Cafe?

Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro offer great solutions for producing both a business plan and a marketing plan. I use both of them!

Our coffee is made from Gourmet Coffee Beans!


Every cup of coffee we serve is freshly ground and brewed while you wait from a special blend of the finest hand selected gourmet coffee beans available in the world!

Which one do you want to drink more?

Maybe you want to focus more on the Internet part of your business versus the coffee. Perhaps the comfort of the furnishings!

Whatever it is you must present it in a way that makes you different from your competition.

Once you have decided what it is make sure you present it in the right format within your Internet Cafe Business Plan.

What kind of experience do you have running any type of business?

I want you to think about one thing before answering this question honestly!

61,000 plus business bankruptcies annually!

Running a business takes much more than just passion!

Running a business takes much more than just a dream that you have had your whole life!

A potential investor is going to require you to present your business experience within your Internet Cafe Business Plan.

Do you know the difference between fixed and variable expenses?

Do you know what type of accounting practices you will use?

Do you know anything about running an inventory?

Have you ever worked with vendors?

Have you ever supervised employees?

I think you get the picture! Running a business is hard work, although it can be a fantastic and enjoyable experience.

Cash Flow!

If you think you will be making a profit within the first month of your business you better reconsider your entire business plan idea! Not going to happen!

You're going to need cash flow to pay the bills until you do begin to make a profit!

One of my most successful businesses took almost three years to become very profitable. Now I am not suggesting that you continue to sink good money into an idea if it is clear it won't make money. My point is that it does take time to get off the ground and become profitable. I would suggest that you consider between six months and one "year!

The final piece of your Internet Cafe Business Plan is the Executive Summary. This is the first thing that any potential investor will read and it must capture their interest and be realistic. It is the one piece of your Internet Cafe Business Plan that is for the purposes of securing an investor.

The Executive Summary should be about one to two pages in length. Business Plan Pro software is great at helping you put the entire business plan into the right format. It is the software that I use when creating a business plan.

Thank you and may God bless you!