Integrity Is Determined By Every Decision You Make


Integrity is one of those leadership traits that get tossed around like it is something you can pick-up in some leadership class! You can’t just take some class, read a good book, or simply wake up one day and presto you have integrity.

It is earned by each passing minute of your life! It can take years to earn but only seconds to lose.

Every decision you make determines if you have it, or you don’t!

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Do you take more severe action against someone you don’t care for because of their religious beliefs?

Decisions on who you hire! As an example do you select the Caucasian over the African American? Do you select the Male over the Female? Do you select the pretty female over the less attractive one? Or do you do the right thing and actually select the best qualified applicant? Yes you can justify any decision you make but are you doing the right thing?

Decisions about disciplining employees! Do you take more severe action against someone you don’t care for because of their religious beliefs? Do you turn you head the other way when a pretty female does something you just disciplined someone else for?

True integrity runs completely through the core of someone. It is not an act! It is a set of beliefs that are ingrained into someone!

If you can alter the truth in any way so that it benefits you it places your character at risk.

That’s the real difference between superficial integrity and deep down integrity

Someone that can do this will generally comment, “It’s not really hurting anyone is it?”

Doesn’t matter if it hurts someone or not! It’s not right!

Now I’m not going to pretend like I’m some kind of super human being that does the right thing every single time just because I’m writing this. In fact I have to question my actions almost every single day. It’s a daily struggle for me and I would guess for most people.

When I’m driving do I flip someone off that just cut in front of me? Why can’t I just take a step back and really think about how it really has absolutely no impact on my life except to be an irritant for a very brief moment. But in that moment I’m willing to act like a complete ass! Is that childish or what? What would really serve me right is for that person that I just flipped off to end up being my Pastor or my Boss!

That’s the real difference between superficial integrity and deep down integrity. How do we act and what decisions do we make when someone we know is watching! Someone that acts completely different in church or at work then they do when they are out in the general public! To be quite honest I’m that creep every now and then that loses my temper over the dumbest things!

As leaders we must work on it every single day! The lives of our staff depend on us conducting ourselves in a way that is honorable to them, the company, and ourselves!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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