An Inspirational Story About Faith

My inspirational story about faith comes from one of the most fearful moments in my entire life. Over twenty years ago my wife and I were the very proud parents of two boys that kept us running and on our toes from the moment they woke up until they fell asleep at night. However, we were not finished growing our family. Call us crazy but we wanted more of what most parents would run from.

We were in the process of purchasing a brand new home when we found out that my wife was pregnant. As her pregnancy progressed it was a very hard one. She was sick almost the entire time, not from anything else but the pregnancy itself. I did my best to support her while tending to our two boys and moving into our brand new home. I felt terrible for her.

This inspirational story about faith all began one night that seemed normal by human standards. We were about to eat dinner and my wife had been feeling as though she might have a kidney infection. Rather than interrupt dinner and load all of us up and spend hours at the Emergency Room she called a very good friend to ride with her while the boys and I stayed home. Off they went while I finished feeding the boys, got them their baths and put them in bed. I suppose it was around 8:30pm or so when they finally got tucked in.

My work schedule required me to get up about 4:00am every morning and drive over eighty miles to work so I finally crawled into bed about 9:00pm. It didn’t take me long before I was out like a light.

At 10:26pm the phone began ringing. I know the time because I keep a digital clock right next to me bed and those numbers were burned into my memory. As I woke up I thought to myself why in the world isn’t my wife answering the telephone. As I rolled over I discovered she wasn’t in bed next to me. I quickly grab the telephone and immediately her friend on the other end is screaming she’s having the baby! You need to get here NOW! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The hospital was over forty five minutes away and I have the boys in bed. How in the world will I be able to get there in time? A million things were racing through my head. First and foremost is why in the world is my wife delivering a baby when she has over eight weeks left to go. Instincts kicked in and I was able to get the boys out of bed, dress them, load them into their car seats, grab her bag she had prepared for when she would normally be delivering the baby, and drive to the hospital. I must have broken a few laws because I walked into the hospital at 11:04pm.

I was met by a nurse who led me and the boys into a room and told us that my wife was in surgery delivery our son. The look on her face told me that things were not going well. That look from her was dreadful.

I sat down and held my two boys very close. Her friend came in shortly after and was crying and began telling me that our son may not make it. I quickly began praying out loud. A couple minutes later the doctor came in and kneeled down beside me. When a doctor kneels down beside you and grabs your hand you know things didn’t go well. He begins to tell me that our son will not make it. It is very likely he will die. I refused to except that and told him that he will be just fine. You could tell the doctor was very serious but allowed me to hold onto this false hope.

The next portion of this inspirational story about faith is where things were on the very edge of disaster. After I told the doctor things were going to be just fine I asked to see my son. He stood up and said absolutely. I grab the hands of my two boys and we were led to the emergency room where there were several medical professionals feverishly working on my son. He was lying lifeless on the table while they were doing everything imaginable.

The problem was that his heart would beat so fast, 300 to 400 beats per minute, and then stop just to start up again and do the same thing. Here was a little boy only 3 pounds and minutes old fighting for his little life. What a way to enter life. As I stood there every once in a while one of the people doing everything they could to save his life would look up at me. They had a look on their face of desperation. They didn’t want to be the one that gave up as I stood watching.

Thoughts began to pass through my mind as I watched. How could we bury this little boy? I don’t even know him, yet I love him beyond belief. It was about then that I know God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit. This since of calm came over me. I knew at that moment he was going to be ok no matter what the current circumstances seemed. They continued working on him as they prepared him for a helicopter flight to Loma Linda University Hospital.

Just as they had him packaged up in a sealed container his heart stopped again. The nurse and doctor screamed out get the paddles as they struggled to open the clear container. As that feeling of calm that God provided came over me his little heart started up on its own again. From that moment on he got better and stronger.

This inspirational story about faith has a great ending. Our son is almost twenty years old and is doing great today. We have an amazing God and sometimes we just don’t know what we will be facing from moment to moment. But what I do know is that God wants the best for us even if we don’t know what that is for ourselves. God is love. Whether my son would have died that night I know he is in control and has a plan for all of us. If he would have died that night our son would be waiting there for us when we get there.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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