Increase Productivity

You can increase productivity in a number of ways no matter what the business is! People are people and are all motivated the same and/or are negatively impacted by a leader’s action! In this article we are only going to be able to touch on things you can be doing or not doing to motivate your staff to produce the most they are capable of! Now the following is not meant to be a negative statement about your staff, but all people are like children. The difference is in the way they disguise what they really want!

I have been in a leadership role for more than thirty-five years and have always been able to increase productivity in the staff I have been responsible for. I have done this through positive reinforcement and in a continual way! People respond to two types of motivation. The first is fear! The second is what’s in it for me! Now there is no doubt that fear is a tremendous motivator. We all have responded to fear in our lives. The old fight or flight plays an instinctive role in our lives. Trust me when I tell you it works. I can relate to this when I was in the Marine Corps. I had a shot gun placed in my face and told I was going to die! Well obviously I didn’t but during that instant in time my fear turned into courage and I survived death!

Now I am not a believer in fear for the purpose of trying to increase productivity! One of the biggest reasons for that is that with fear you must continually watch over them. With positive reinforcement your staff want to perform for the good of whatever you have created. I often refer to leadership as trying to get wild horses to go into the same direction and using that power that they have to perform a task! What I mean by that is that as a leader your mission is to accomplish something in the most productive way possible. That productivity generally means that not only did you accomplish something but you made a profit as well.

Now with motivation and trying to increase productivity profit is the end result and not the motivating factor. As an example if you have a runner that has entered a marathon there motivation might be that they only want to finish the race. If you are the coach of that runner, i.e., the leader, your goal is to create a reason for that runner to want to push themselves. The coach may work with that runner (training) to teach them how to pace themselves! The coach may work closely side by side (mentoring) that runner on how to breath and understanding the course. It may be that the coach motivates the runner by creating a reason for the runner to win the race!

In business and as a leader within that business you must create reasons for your staff to increase their productivity! What will not work is telling them that the business makes a greater profit, like I mentioned earlier. What does work is creating a benefit to them. It may be pride! It may be financial! It may be self preservation! It may be for advancement! It may be for any number of reasons! Remember not everyone is equal and what motivates one does not necessarily motivate the others. I have four children and know this principle very well!

Keep in mind that there are a number of other ways to increase productivity other than through your staff. It may be better updated equipment. It may be reducing the number of steps in a process. It may be to change the people who are working together. There are countless ways to increase productivity. Remember it doesn’t matter what the business!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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