Ice Breakers for Meetings


Business Meetings

Having various types of ice breakers for meetings can be for just fun - or to make a point.

The following ice breaker will hopefully do both.

Generally this would be used for a presentation skills class; however, it can be used for almost any type of leadership management training.

What you will need for this ice breaker is...

...two classrooms (this can be skipped if you like) of the largest televisions along with a DVD player and a movie flip chart or largest piece of poster board possible device that will play music and some music to play helper that no one will recognize as being part of the ice breaker

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Important Leadership Topics   

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Ice Breakers for Meetings - Step #1

Skip this section if you choose or don't have two classrooms.

The purpose of this step is to reinforce that preparation is very important.

In the classroom that you have requested everyone show up to - the classroom that the invitation directed them to - should be a total wreck.

As if it had just had a wild function in it - and no one had cleaned it up yet. You can use your imagination on this. But make sure that it is very obvious that no preparation had been done to get ready for this class.

Ice Breakers for Meetings - Step #2

Now I am referring to the other classroom.

This will be the actual classroom that you will be conducting either your presentation skills class or any other type of leadership management training class.

This classroom should be perfectly set up - since this is part of preparing for any leadership management training and especially for a presentation skills class.

On the largest television possible have a video of a fairly popular movie that is somewhat dated - in other words not just release. This movie should be already playing before they arrive and the sound can be low or not even on if you wish. Make sure o f your timing so that it doesn't end prior to everyone getting there. This should be easy if you are using the other classroom in your ice breaker.

Also have some music playing - and again it should be something most people when they hear it will recognize. The sound level should be high enough so that everyone can hear it - but not blaring.

The final item you will need will be the flip chart or the large poster board. On this you should have something unusual such as a picture of something or just one word written very largely. It needs to take up the entire flip chart or poster board. Maybe its a picture of a duck - or just the word duck. This should be placed by the only entrance everyone will be arriving through.

Ice Breakers for Meetings - If you are using the first classroom...

As people start arriving into the first classroom - you will be no where to be found. Actually you will be in the other classroom getting ready.

Your person that no one will recognize as a helper for you will already be in the first classroom - so that they can report to you when most people have arrived. Also - so that no one will leave thinking they made a mistake.

After everyone - or almost everyone has arrived - the person you having helping should notify you to make your entrance.

As you enter the room you greet everyone with smiles and hello's - but shortly after you go - what happened. Did you all throw a party in here or what. I know I'm late but...

After a very short time - you tell them that this is not the actual classroom - in fact if you would all follow me I will take you to the other classroom. Then of course take them to it.

Ice Breakers for Meetings - The second classroom...

Prior to you having left from the second classroom to go get them in the first - you have started your movie video and the music.

Just bring them back to the classroom - and do not mention or pay any attention at all to any of the items you have set up in the room. If someone mentions them to you - change the subject.

After everyone sits down - have your person helping - turn the video and music off.

Introduce yourself and your assistant. Do a couple of housekeeping items such as where the restrooms are - break times - ask questions any time - etc.

Then you ask them about the first classroom they arrived in. You will get all types of responses - but end the conversation with how important it is that you - the instructor - arrive early and make sure the classroom is prepared correctly.

Secondly you will ask them what they noticed in the second room (the room they are now in) when they arrived. Have your helper record the things on a flip chart. All items should be recorded and this should be done individually. If you allow people to just shout out answers you will loose control of the room and miss the point. You may even want to address this prior to asking - such as - I am going to ask some questions and I would ask that you do no talking during this phase unless you raise your hand to answer.

After you get all your answers - let them know who was right. Then explain that everyone learns differently.

Some by video - some by hearing - and some by pictures or reading.

This hopefully will make a point to them to use various methods of teaching when they are using their presentation skills at a leadership management training class of their own in the future. Hope this information helps you prepare some ice breakers for meetings that you have upcoming.

Thank you for reviewing this material on ice breakers for meetings and good luck and May God Bless You!


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