Ice Breaker Ideas That Get Your Audience Warmed Up


Here are some Ice Breaker Ideas that should get your group laughing and having some fun while getting to know each other a little better. This Ice Breaker will require a large white board in the front of the class or a mobile flip chart that is large enough to display to the entire class. Normally this would be a normally sized flip chart! If the white board is large enough you will need enough white board markers or flip chart markers so that there is at least one color for each group you will be creating. The number of groups will solely be determined by you!

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Ice Breaker Ideas: Count Off!

These types of ideas are designed to get your meeting members to start working together while at the same time getting to know each other a little better. After introducing yourself to the class you will want them to count off by the number of groups you are hoping to create. You can decide this after you read through this Meeting Ice Breaker. As an example if you have twenty meeting members and want five groups you would have them count off by fours. So every fourth person they would begin again at one. Tell them to be sure and remember what number they called out. Trust me when I tell you someone will forget their number! If that happens just manually adjust the groups so that they are somewhat even!

Ice Breaker Ideas like this one will already be getting them to talk amongst each other wondering what you are trying to do! So the next step in this Meeting Ice Breaker to have the groups come to the front of the class one at a time by the White Board or flip chart and then receive the instructions. When the first group is at the front you will give them these instructions. Tell them you will be giving them a topic and each one will have to write on the white board or flip chart their part. As an example the person that called out one will go first and so on.

So now here is where it gets interesting for Ice Breaker Ideas like this one! You will be giving them the topic to write their sentence about. My recommendation would be to make sure the topic relates to your class. The rules are pretty simple! The first person would give their name and something about themselves and then put their portion of the sentence on the board. They can write as many words as they want but they must write at least three words. The sentence should make as much sense and read well. At the end the class will vote on which sentence makes the most sense and reads the best.

The final rule on Ice Breaker Ideas like this one is that once the topic is given they are not allowed to talk amongst each other. They must separate and wait for their turn. You will find that some of the most funny and crazy sentences will be created. The whole class will be laughing and getting off to a great start. Of Ya! No profanity may be used either of course!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Thank you for reviewing these Ice Breaker Ideas on Good Leadership Skills for Life.

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