HR Services That Businesses Can Outsource: A Quick Guide

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Outsourcing HR services can be a game changer since working in human resources is no easy task. From hiring to development and from performance management to employee reward systems; it can be challenging for your HR team to manage their workload while providing excellent service at the same time. If you find that your HR team seems to be struggling with their workload or that a lot of time is being spent on one aspect of HR and not shared amongst others, you may benefit from outsourcing third-party HR service providers. This way, you can take fundamental parts of human resources away from your team so that they can manage their workload much more efficiently and apply the same amount of attention to all areas. You could look at outsourced hiring, outsourced payroll, or other third-party HR services, some of which we list in our quick guide to outsourced HR services for businesses that may benefit your HR department and save valuable company time.

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HR Services - Outsourced Payroll

It is no secret that payroll is one of the most time-consuming and pivotal aspects of HR, which you can improve by outsourcing a payroll provider. As your business grows and payroll becomes more difficult to manage in-house, you should consider an outsourced payroll system that can look after this service on your HR team’s behalf. Benefits of outsourced payroll include, but may vary depending on the provider, the following; 

  • Time-saving or increased productivity. 
  • Reduce the risks of any mistakes made. 
  • enhanced security, 
  • Employee access so that they can view payslips, etc.
  • A team of experts that can deal with any queries.

Find out more by looking at and considering outsourced payroll with PayCaptain. This is a payroll and financial wellness solution with the mission to help your business improve your payment processes and any stress associated with this process as a result. They can save you time and effort, while ensuring your team always get paid promptly and correctly.

HR Services - Outsourced Recruitment

Another HR service that businesses can outsource is the recruitment process, arguably one of the most popular outsourced HR services on the market. Outsourcing your businesses recruitment process can boast many advantages such as

  • Increased efficiency
  • Vacancies will be able to reach a bigger audience and much faster
  • You’ll have a competitive advantage against rival businesses
  • Reduce expenses that you’d use otherwise on advertising and applicant tracking systems

Along with many other benefits, outsourcing recruitment is a cost-effective way to optimize your hiring process and improve effectiveness and business growth.

HR Services - Outsourced Performance Management

Performance Management Sign

Another pivotal HR service is performance management, which ensures the measurement of company goals and whether employees are meeting these objectives or not. Outsourcing performance management can be very beneficial for your business. Like payroll, it is quite a time-consuming process, and working with a third-party provider can help save your HR department time and leave more room for attending to other responsibilities. Through an outsourced performance management team, you can easily schedule one-on-one meetings with staff, conduct performance appraisals, produce future goals for staff to work towards, look at disciplinary measures and get advice on managing underperforming staff. Outsourcing this service enables you to see which members of your team need more assistance so that you can provide the relevant support or training and so that no one goes unnoticed.


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