How to Stop Employee Theft

The age old question is how to stop employee theft?

There are many things you can do to stop employee theft! Of course a lot depends on what is being taken.

Is it cash or product?

Let's talk about cash and specifically by cashiers.

I recommend several things.

Every cashier signs for a specific cash drawer and a specific amount of cash in that drawer. Both the manager and the cashier count the drawer verifying the cash.

Any over rings or other unusual sales events on that register must be initialed on the register tape by a manager. Go through the tapes every so often to check for times when the register is opened with no sales.

All register tapes for a specific register are removed when that cashier finishes their shift, and they are placed into that drawer. At a minimum the function that prints out the total sales for that register during the time the cashier was on it should be printed and placed into the drawer.

The drawer is counted by both the manager and cashier verifying the total amount of cash. That is matched to the sales for that register. If that does not match within your acceptable plus or minus amount you should take action. This should be a percentage versus a dollar amount.

The last thing I would recommend when it comes to cashiers is to have unannounced audits during their shift at least one or two times per month. Vary the time you do it.

As far as dress for cashiers I would recommend no pockets at all for anything. Purses or wallets are kept locked in a locker away from their register.

Let's now talk about how to stop employee theft of product.

One way is to have only a select amount of entry and exit points in your facility for employees. Best case would be only one. In your employee hand book they should be warned that any personal items such as sports bags, back packs, etc., can be searched upon entering or exiting the building. If you supply lockers they also can be searched at any time.

If you really have a problem I would recommend that any personal items other than lunches, small purses, wallets are not permitted to be brought onto the premises, without the first seeking permission from a management official.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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