How to Prepare a Performance Improvement Plan!

How to prepare a performance improvement plan!

The answer to this question is much like the question of how do I eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course!

Preparing a performance improvement plan is the exact same way. We will break it down into small bite size pieces that all fit together to make the perfect approach to improving an employee’s performance.

However, before moving forward the first question is whether the employee is worth saving! In most cases it is always better to salvage an employee rather than to terminate them without attempting to improve their performance first. With the increase of employee wrongful termination lawsuits, costs of recruiting and hiring, and staring over with the entire training process again, it is smart business to make sure the employee is worth saving.

So before beginning ask yourself these questions; Has the employee ever been able to perform the work to standard before, Has the employee been trained properly, Is it performance or behavior, or Will the employee even after being trained be able to perform the work to standard. Depending on the answer to any of these questions you can move forward.

How to prepare a performance improvement plan – step one

Clearly identify the element(s) of the performance standard that the employee is falling short on.

For teaching purposes let’s use a housekeeper as an example.

Performance Standard Element - Housekeepers will vacuum all carpeted rooms insuring that all loose debris on the floor is removed. This includes under items, corners and edges.

Actual Performance of the Element – After inspecting rooms that John Doe cleaned on the following dates; 1/12/13, 1/15/13, and 1/20/13, the rooms had small debris remaining in the corners and under the writing tables.

Action to be taken – John Doe will work directly with the housekeeping supervisor on 1/25/13, to receive instruction on how to properly clean a room. This will be followed up with daily inspections beginning on 1/26/13, of all rooms cleaned by their supervisor for a period of one week to insure the minimum standard is being met. The results of the inspection will be documented on this form and reviewed daily with John Doe.

Of course the real key after training is following up.

By making the effort to properly try and improve an employee’s performance rather than throwing them out (terminating them) the door you will gain a lot of respect and trust by all the other employees also. Employees want to feel valued and when an employer takes the time to help them improve they feel valued. As a leader please don’t miss that opportunity.

This is a very simple way of how to prepare a performance improvement plan. We have created a form that will simplify the process.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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