How To Hire Employees For Your Business That Add Value

How to hire employees and finding the right ones for your business never comes easy. Recruiting exhausts a lot of your resources, especially time and money, which are vital to your business. To cut down the costs you incur from staffing your business, consider the following when looking hiring:

how to hire employees

Techniques in How To Hire Employees

The 5 C’s

When screening candidates, keep in mind the 5 C’s-competent, compatible, culture, commitment and character.

Always place character at the very top of your priority list when it comes to hiring employees. The technique I follow and I teach my management staff on how to hire employees that turn out the very best for our team is ask character types questions. And don't ask simple "yes" and "no" questions. Ask questions like, "Can you tell me about a time you had a disagreement with your supervisor?" If they answer the question by completely putting down a previous supervisor over a simple disagreement it could spell trouble for you too.

Second, make sure that your potential hire is capable of fulfilling the job you have. If not, check to see that they are willing to be trained for the role if it is a trainable position.

Third, they should also be compatible with you, your existing team and company culture.Be careful though. Remember you can not ask certain types of questions or consider certain things such as race, age, religion, sex, sexual preference, whether they are considering having children, etc. These are illegal and of course they should be. So when we talk about compatible we are speaking about knowledge, professionalism, etc.

Although it is impossible to know how to hire employees that will not give you problems later it lessens the chances if you conduct the interview thoroughly. It is imperative because you certainly do not want a rotten apple to ruin the bunch.

Their personality and work-ethic is just as important too–do keep an eye out for that.

Use the Right Recruiting Tools

If you do decide to use an outside agency to find your staff, be sure to source team members for your business through the right places. Since you are looking for professionals, it is in your best interest to research thoroughly the recruiting agency that specializes in your industry. Don't use an agency that recruits for all types of businesses. Get to know your applicants a little bit more by requesting them to send a video resume (although you don't have to require it), rather than a traditional paper one. It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have a portfolio of photos or videos of their work either.This doesn't work well for all types of industries.

Do Thorough Reference Checks

During the interview make sure you confirm that that references that the candidate has already provided on their resume are still current. Ask them what the reference will tell them about certain topics based on the industry you are hiring for. 

When I contact the reference I am trying to learn as much as possible about the character of the candidate I am considering to hire. So ask the reference character type questions, like, "How did they get along with co-workers?", "Did they volunteer for overtime when it was necessary?", "Did they complete their assignments on time?", "Did they spend a lot of time talking with co-workers?", etc.

Good luck and may God Bless you!

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