Hostile Work Environment

Are you being exposed to a hostile work environment? A hostile environment is more than just someone yelling and screaming, or being called a name! It can certainly be a part of the issue but certain other pieces must be in place prior to it being considered a hostile environment!

So what are some of those pieces so that we clearly understand the difference? Well the bottom line is that you must be in a protected class in order to be exposed to a hostile environment! As an example a women exposed to sexual harassment can be considered a hostile environment. On the other hand a white male under forty has a real hard time being exposed to a hostile environment unless you consider them to be in one of the protected classes, such as, sexual preference or religious beliefs.

If you are a female and the work force you are exposed to daily...

So you have determined that you are in one of the protected classes then what constitutes a hostile environment?

It could be a number of things but let's focus in on a few of them so that you have a better understanding. If you are a female and the work force you are exposed to daily is primarily males and they continue to ride you about being too weak to do the job then that may constitute being in a hostile work environment.

Maybe you are an African American and the office is primarily Caucasian and references are made about your race, even if they claim they are only joking could be potentially considered a hostile environment. If you are help back from something because of your race then that becomes discrimination. There is a difference even though both are protected they are considered different types.

It still could be considered a Hostile Work Environment but things get a little more cloudy!

It all boils down to a form of harassment for you just being who you are! It becomes more complicated if the same race is harassing you. It still could be considered hostile but things get a little more cloudy! For instance if your supervisor is over 40 (which is a protected class) and you are also over 40 and they continually joke about your age! The difference may be if your supervisor is 41 and you are 65. Then it becomes a little more difficult to defend the supervisor.

The one thing for sure is that nothing is set in concrete when it comes to determining if it is a Hostile Environment. There are many factors that have to be considered. Even when it seems clear cut, things become cloudy based on the person making the claim. Did they create the environment in the first place?

If you feel as though you were a victim of a hostile work environment then you should contact an Attorney Firm to confirm it. Most will interview you over the telephone and be able to determine if you were or not.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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