Establishing a Space for Your Home-Based Business

Running a home business involves juggling the demands of your work and personal life under one roof. Without a dedicated home workspace, it can be extremely challenging to work with focus and efficiency. You might even find yourself constantly distracted by well-meaning family members, enticing hobbies, and household chores. Take the time to create a home workspace that fosters productivity and creativity, so you can really get down to business during your work hours. Here are some tips to help you design, build, or buy a space for your home business.

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Consider Moving into a Bigger Home

Supporting the space needs of a growing business is a lot like accommodating a growing family. At some point, you might have to start thinking about upsizing your home. If your budget, lifestyle, and other personal circumstances allow it, consider buying a house with an extra room or a garage that you can convert into a business workspace.

A foreclosed home might be a great option if you’re looking to save some money. If this sounds like an intriguing idea, make sure you know what is involved in buying a foreclosed house, since the process is a little different from a traditional home buying experience. Redfin recommends seeking pre-approval before making an offer on a home since many lenders are unwilling to finance foreclosed properties. It’s also important to work with a real estate agent who has experience with foreclosures and understands the unique buying process involved.

Build a Workspace on Your Property

If buying a new home is not in the cards for you right now, consider building an office on your existing property. This will help you get away from the distractions of home life and also appear more professional to clients. Plus, your taxes will be a little easier! You may already have a small structure on your property, like a garden shed or detached garage, that you can transform into a functional workspace. All you need to do is add electricity, internet, insulation, and a few decorative touches. If you don’t have a building that will work for your business, you can buy a prefabricated shed—this is much easier and more affordable than constructing a brick and mortar building from scratch. Just make sure you check your city and state building codes before adding a new structure to your property.

Focus on Functionality

When it comes time to design the layout of your home workspace, focus on functionality over aesthetics. An office designed for looks alone may stifle your productivity. Make sure you have everything you need right at your fingertips, so you can get your work done to the best of your abilities. Think about your workflow before purchasing furniture or storage solutions.

Remember to consider ergonomics and lighting as well, since these factors play an important role in productivity. A comfortable, supportive desk chair is always a worthwhile investment. Since lighting can influence our mood and energy levels, try to position your desk area near a big window and incorporate different lighting styles into your workspace. YLighting recommends combining overhead lighting with task lights for focus and incorporating ambient light to create an inviting and calming office environment.

Add Elements That Inspire

Although your business space should serve and support your daily responsibilities, it should also inspire and motivate you. Don’t get so caught up in practicality that you throw aesthetics out the window completely. No one enjoys working in a bleak cubicle! Paint the walls in a color that makes you feel great—some people prefer green or blue for creating a relaxing atmosphere, while others enjoy the stimulating qualities of red or orange. Then, add a few inspirational pieces of décor to your space. Just be careful to avoid cluttering your workspace with knick-knacks. According to Entrepreneurship Life, clutter hinders our productivity, motivation, and creativity while causing unnecessary stress throughout the workday.

Crammed into a corner of the living room or working from the kitchen table? Creating a dedicated workspace might be just what you need to boost your focus and productivity and take your business to the next level. It’s time to give your home-based business a space of its own!

Guest Post by Tina Martin

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