Grievance Procedure

If you came to the Website article to learn more about what a grievance procedure is then it must mean either you have been faced with a grievance or you're anticipating one! I will start by saying that it shouldn't bother you anytime someone wants to grieve something. After all not everyone is always going to see things your way. The important thing to always remember is that whenever you are issuing any type of disciplinary action you must b~ fair and consistent. If you're not being fair and consistent then you can expect bad things to come out of a grievance!

Most grievances are a result of someone not agreeing with an action you have taken. Now I mentioned above that in most cases it will be over disciplinary action; however, some grievances involve not selecting someone within your organization for a promotion. Or it could be over the results of a performance appraisal. In other words it could be for a variety of reasons, but your Procedure should remain pretty much the same.

If you're organizational workforce is part of a Union most grievance procedure Rules would be already defined for you. They will explain the step by step process that is required to be followed on any workplace dispute. Within that step by step process it will define a time line also. This time line is important since you don't want an open ended time line that would allow for an employee to drag up the past any time into the future.

Also as part a many Procedure Rules they will also spell out individuals (generally by position) who will be involved in the decision making along the way. Of course at some point the final decision will be made by someone if there continue to be disagreements at each level of the Grievance. In some cases the decision made will be final and in others the individual could take it to a government organization by filing an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) if they feel they have been discriminated in some way.

If you're organization does not currently have a grievance procedure in place I would first ask yourself if you really need on. Once you open the barn door the livestock will come out and it is very hard to get them back into the barn. If you do establish one then make sure that it can be followed fairly and consistently. This continues to be the theme throughout this website. Be fair and consistent in everything you do and it will relieve many of your problems. Having said this there will always be someone that will challenge you and if and when they do you will be ready to defend yourself provided you have been fair and consistent!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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