Building Teams using Good Leadership Skills

Utilizing your good leadership skills to build solid productive teams can be a challenge today; however, with the right approach it can be done very effectively.

I have been in a Leadership role my whole life starting at the age of 16 years old.

I faced many challenges and certainly seen my share of rewards. None greater than watching a team come together and work hard toward a common goal.

I have been quoted in the past as describing the art of building a team is similar to bringing a number of wild horse together and getting them to work together to pull a tremendous load all in the same direction. Of course the key is that they are all pulling together in the same direction.

Good Leadership Skills – Is everyone pulling in the same direction?

Certainly it would do no good if they were working hard but pulling in different directions.

I have always been successful in creating a reason for the team to work toward the goal.

So you must first truly understand what your goal is. It could be as simple in that you have a number of tasks to perform, and each member of the team does what is required of them.

In a perfect world everyone understands that if they are absent or not pulling their share of the load, the whole team suffers.

In a perfect world each member gets along with the other members and appreciates each team member for what they are doing for the team.

In a perfect world they come to the aid of any team member that is experiencing a hardship on any particular day or time.

Good Leadership Skills – What is the common goal?

This is possible but it takes work.

The common goal, or the reason you create must be bigger than any one individual. If they don't understand it, or it does not seem important to them, you are wasting your time.

Without team work you must carry a big hammer (not literally) to make your point and force them to perform.

With the right motivation, they will perform with or without you present.

Let's use a simple example of creating a reason for a team to work together.

You are the Executive Chef for a large Hotel where you and your team have been selected to prepare a dinner for a couple's wedding. Inform your team of who the couple is. This does not mean that they have to be famous, just give them information about them. Maybe this couple has been dating for two years. They met while attending college and fell in love. They have both graduated from college and are starring their careers. One is going to be a school teacher and the other will be working as a nurse at a nearby hospital. The bride has been planning this wedding for over a year and has selected this Hotel because this is where they had their first date, where they attended a banquet together. Maybe show them a picture of the couple. You can go on, but you understand the point.

Good Leadership Skills – Never tell a lie!

Make them a part of this, but don't ever say something that is not true.

Another example may be that you are a new organization and the reputation of the company is staring with them. They have a chance to be the story that will be told in years to come. When the history of the company is written they will be the subject. You selected each member of the team for the individual strengths they had, and how they all blended together.

Good Leadership Skills – Get to know your staff!

Do things together. Celebrate birthdays or special occasions in the work environment together. Take time to celebrate the victories of success, whether it is being awarded a big contract from a new client, or you just completed a large order.

Get to know your staff! This can't be faked or superficial! Get to really know them! People do not want to feel like they are being used. Do you like it when you feel used? Of course not! So if you talk with them, listen to them and remember what they are telling you. If they tell you about their child playing in a sporting event on a specific day, ask them about the results the day after.

Finally, be fair and consistent! I will continue to say this over and over and over again because it is very important. They will see right through you if you are not.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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