Good Leadership Skills and Dads

To be a successful dad it is imperative that you must have good leadership skills. Skills that will equip you to handle all types of situations that children will present you with. Some of the leadership skills necessary are decision making, planning, managing change, organizing, time management, and many more.

Fathering a child is the easy part! Raising a child is exciting, fun, but a lot of work. Much like running a successful business it is a balancing act. In business you must balance the needs of the customer, employee, and the owner. Dads must balance the needs of the child, their spouse, and themselves. Favor anyone of these over another and you may be in jeopardy of losing them all.

Having good leadership skills to handle all the things thrown at you will make it more likely that you will be successful. Just as an example if your child needs braces you will need to assess the following;

Do you have the funds available?

If you do have the funds but will have to sacrifice something to afford them what will it be and who will it affect?

If you don’t have the funds and find it necessary to obtain a loan what will this do to your monthly budget? Same question, what will be sacrificed to pay the loan back?

What effect will it have on your child if they do not receive braces?

You can quickly see that decisions have to be made while at the same time measuring the cost of those decisions. That is what good leadership skills are all about!

Perhaps your child is doing poorly in school. There are many things that could be going wrong some of which could be your child’s fault, your fault, the teacher’s fault, or maybe even an unknown problem. Let’s explore it by asking ourselves the following;

Was your child doing well just prior to the drop in grades?

Did your child meet a new friend recently?

Has your child’s behavior changed to reflect an outside influence from someone or something?

Does your child have a strong personality or a weak one?

Are you putting too much pressure on them to achieve something they are not capable of?

Are you having marital problems that are beginning to be seen by your child?

Are you experiencing financial or other problems that your child is aware of and worried about?

Has the teacher changed or had a life changing event happen, such as, gotten married, divorced, or major illness?

Again, this is just the tip of the ice berg but you can see that as a Dad you must exercise good leadership skills in determining what course of action to take. The worst thing you can do is to react before you know. More children are messed up by parents that over react to a situation before assessing the entire problem.

Therefore, as Dads and Moms we must approach every situation by trying to understand the full scope and impact of the issue prior to making immediate decisions. If you do your child will eventually lose respect and will not ever take your word seriously. Use caution and act appropriately.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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