Good Leaders Have These Top 5 Leadership Qualities!

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Good leaders look at challenges and see nothing but opportunities. Here are the top 5 leadership qualities all good leaders possess.

This remains the million-dollar question that all inspiring young leaders want to know to date, isn’t it? Numerous books have been written on the topic, with each one offering very complicated answers to the very question. We want to make things easier for you. So, without further ado, let’s break it down into simpler, bite-size pieces so that you can gain a better understanding without any complicated jargon.

Let’s start with the fact that all good leaders must be able to see things the way they should or could be. If you look at a difficult challenge and see nothing but problems, chances are you may not be leadership material. This is because good leaders look at challenges and see nothing but opportunities. They can look past all the problems and see the finished outcome in a very positive way.

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Here are the top 5 leadership qualities all good leaders possess:


Good leaders must be able to see things the way they should or could be. They are the type of person who would start looking at the objects as potential shelter, fuel, food, transportation, or anything else that would benefit their situation if they were lost in the middle of nowhere. If their business is experiencing a problem, they see past the problem and immediately begin identifying possible solutions.

This is one of the most significant attributes out of the top 5 leadership qualities. No other leadership quality can jump-start an organization more than an individual who has a vision. This is an innate quality that not everyone is blessed with, and experts agree that it can’t be taught.

Such leaders are the type of person who can look at someone within their staff and immediately detect that person’s potential. They can envision a process from start to finish before it has even been developed.


Integrity is much more than someone being honest; it is the part of a person that makes up their personality. What they believe in and whether they waver when put under pressure. It can be compared to diamonds, which are considered an extremely precious stone, as they are the result of coal being under pressure for a long period of time.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one else will ever notice. It’s treating everyone fairly whether you like them or not. It’s following through on promises made even when it is extremely difficult.

It’s fairly easy for someone to claim they believe in something, but maintaining the belief affirmatively till death is another thing. Most would say that a parent would give up their life for their child, but until they are tested, we really don’t know. Integrity is when a person’s beliefs are tested recurrently, and the result confirms them maintaining it, whatever it was. Let’s put it this way; if a supervisor believes in their staff but will not defend them to the employer, they have no integrity!


Inspirational leaders are able to take their vision and inspire all those around them to see that same vision also. But it goes one step beyond just that. An inspirational person is able to inspire those that see that same vision into wanting to take action. This is a very special gift not many have. It doesn’t matter if this skill has been learned overtime or not; what matters is that the inspirational leader is real rather than a con artist.


If a leader is not competent, those following them will know almost immediately as you can’t hide incompetence. If you don’t know something, admit it. Don’t try and fool anyone because they will see through it immediately and lose faith in you instantly.


If the leader is not committed, why should anyone else be? One of every leader’s most favorite stories about commitment will always be about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken presenting his plan to over nine hundred people before someone finally said yes. Not sure if he had all the other qualities or not, but certainly, he was committed.

If you’re a leader or are in a position of leadership, build off these qualities, and you will be on the road to success as most of these are the foundation of what it takes to lead people. If you want to read employee performance improvement articles or the art of coaching employees to improve performance, Gregory Covey is one of the best recruiting blogs to follow out there!

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