General Interview Questions

What type of Interview Questions should we not ask a potential employer during the interview?

Let me make this as clear as possible! Do not ask anything that is considered a "ME" question!

This means as far as any General Interview Questions you have stay away from ones like;

What are the benefits?

How much vacation would I earn?

What holidays will get off?

Do I get an office ?

When you get offered the job that would be the time to ask these types of Interview Questions! In most cases these types of General Interview Questions will be answered in an offer letter. Asking them at the interview is way too premature and will not matter if you are not offered the position anyway. Asking them may be the deciding factor for not getting the job!

Another critical piece not to bring up during a Job Interview would be stating something critical about your previous employer. This means no matter how bad you may have had it at your last position do not bad mouth them. It will be frowned upon greatly and in most cases your resume will be placed directly in the trash after you leave. If you can bad mouth your previous employer you can certainly bad mouth your new one.

Do not complain about anything you have done in the past! Always present any of the Interview Questions you have as a positive. For instance if you are going to ask a General Interview Question about the company try to put a twist on it to promote a strength that you have. Maybe you have great computer skills; therefore, you may ask a question like "I feel as though I have very good computer skills and is it permitted to create programs that can improve productivity?

The main point I am stressing is that any interview question that you ask must promote yourself. If you don't see a Job Interview as a competition you are shooting yourself in the foot. That means that you must do everything in your power to promote yourself without telling a lie or exaggerating.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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