Funny Christian Stories – I can't Join Either

I heard some funny christian stories recently on CSN Radio and I thought it would be one many of you would enjoy.

There was very poor single Christian mother who was attending a local church and had made a decision to join. She lived on the poor side of town and was unable to afford nice clothes; therefore, she stood out in the crowd when attending church services.

It was painfully obvious that she was less fortunate than all the others.

In this particular church the pastor interviewed all the potential new members prior to approving them for membership.

Funny Christian Stories – Please come back in one week!

When he interviewed this single mother he asked her before she joined officially to go home and think about it for at least one week. If she still wanted to join, she should come back and let him know.

Well she did just that. She went home and thought about it for the week and the following Sunday she met with the pastor again to let him know that she still wanted to join the church.

This time the pastor told her that she should take another week to pray about whether this was the right church or not, and if through prayer she still wanted to join to let him know the following week.

Funny Christian Stories – I still want to join the church!

Well again she went home and prayed all week about whether she should join. After the week was up she met again with the pastor and informed him she still wanted to join the church.

This time the pastor told her she should take another week to consider what she could offer the church as it related to service, and to pray about that as well.

Again, she went home and considered all her spiritual gifts as she prayed. She returned the following Sunday and met with the pastor again to inform him of those gifts and her strong desire to join the church.

He then said that he appreciated the gifts she could bring to their fellowship, but one more time he wanted her to pray throughout the week for guidance in whether she should join their church.

Funny Christian Stories – God responded – I couldn't join either!

Well she didn't return the following week.

Several months later the pastor happened to bump into her at a local market.

He asked her how she was and what she had ever decided about joining their church.

The nice single mother responded to him by telling him that during prayer when she asked God about why the pastor was not letting her join them, God responded that she shouldn't worry about it because he was trying to join them for years and was unable also.

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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