Frequently Asked Interview Questions

In almost every Job Interview there seems to be some Frequently Asked Interview Questions that you should come to expect! One of those questions tends to be "Tell me about yourself and why you are applying for this position?" Don't take this question lightly since you can use any and every questions as an opportunity to show your value to the organization that you have applied to.

So for a question like this be ready to answer with some solid valuable information that will prove you have done your homework about the company and what kind of value you can bring to them. That means you need to research the company and find out who they are and what they are about. How long have they been in business? How many other facilities to they have and where are they located? Who is their CEO and senior leadership? Remember these types of Frequently Asked Interview questions are an opportunity and not merely another question.

The more research you do the more you can be prepared for any of the Frequently Asked Questions like the one above. Research like last year's sales numbers! Did they meet their sales goals? What challenges if any did they overcome or not overcome? What are their goals for this year? Do they have a Vision and Values Statement? Do they have any company Moto or Slogans? The answers to all these questions make it easier to respond to any and all of their Frequently Asked Interview Questions. All you need to do is plug in bits and pieces of the researched information into your answers. As someone that has interviewed hundreds of candidates they will be blown away!

Those types of Frequently Asked Interview Questions are meant to do exactly what I mention above. Discover your motivation to work for their company. If you can throw something like this into your answer they will be very encouraged, "Working for a Company that has been in business for over thirty-five years and has someone like Mr. Smith as their CEO is just the kind of organization I would be proud to work for. I understand that you met your sales goals last year. In fact I noticed that you exceeded them by two million dollars. I know that with my experience as a Sales Manager I will be looking forward to exceeding that goal this year as well!"

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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