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Finding a free performance improvement plan form that works is like finding gold. Anytime we can use a tool to increase productivity is like putting money back into our business. When that tool is free it is even better! Leadership Skills for Life offers that free tool below.

How does one go about improving an employee’s performance? Shouldn’t we just fire them and hire someone else? They had their chance and blew it, right?

I suppose that is one way to go about it; however, it could become extremely expensive. The cost of recruiting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, initial training is very high and then we still can’t be sure that who we hire to fill the spot of the one we just fired will work out any better!

Could the answer possibly be figuring a way to improve the performance of our existing employee by fine tuning their skills to meet or exceed our established performance standards? That is where a free performance improvement plan form comes into play. Well I suppose it doesn’t matter if it is free or you have to pay for it; however, free is always better if you get the same results.

The first piece of improving an employee’s performance is establishing what the performance standard is for their position. Within the performance standard are most likely many individual elements that make up the entire standard. Using a sports analogy let’s pretend we are baseball players. One of the performance standards for the players is to be able to get a minimum of a base hit 33% of the time they are up to bat.

If a player is not currently meeting that performance standard is told by their coach to do better or they will be off the team I suppose they may get better, but I’m guessing probably not. In fact they may get worse because they don’t know what they need to do except hit better to increase their batting average.

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The more reasonable and effective way to help that player increase their batting average is to break the act of batting into individual elements. As an example, stance at the plate, how to hold the bat, eye on the ball, the swing itself, bat speed, gripping the bat, feet movement during the swing, etc. As you can see there are many things that go into hitting the bat with the bat.

Unfortunately many supervisors think they can improve an employee’s performance by simply telling them to do better. Worse they believe if they become sterner with the employee it will be even more effective. Maybe even threaten to fire them if they don’t get better. I’ve even heard supervisors that do this seem proud of their self for how well they hold people accountable.

Using a free performance improvement plan form that allows you to break the performance standard down into the individual element(s) is the best course of action so that you can work on them individually versus the whole standard.

Using our baseball example we will assume that the player’s stance and grip on the bat needs improved.

Using the free performance improvement plan form we would complete the first section in with the performance standard we listed above for batting which would look like this: Describe the expectation for the performance standard: The proper batting technique consists of; Stance – Stand with the rear foot closer to the plate than the front one with your feet spread about six to eight inches wider than the shoulders and the front foot opened slightly towards the pitcher at about 45 degrees. The rear foot should have slightly more weight on it than the front foot and have slightly more weight on the balls of your feet. Note: you would go on to describe the remaining portions of how to properly bat.

Describe the Employee’s Actual Performance: The player is standing with most of the weight on the heels of their feet and too close to together.

Describe steps necessary to improve performance: The player will work with the batting coach one hour before and after all scheduled practices beginning July 20, 2013, through August 5, 2013. The player will also be required to spend time in the batting cage daily taking a minimum of fifty swings. The player will meet on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s of each week to discuss the progress being made and decide on any further action necessary to improve the player’s performance. In the event the player’s batting average does not increase or goes down by August 5, 2013, the player may be released from the team.

The free performance improvement plan form should also include a statement like the following:

Performance Improvement Plan Agreement: The employee agrees that they will adhere to the above described steps to improve their performance to a level that meets or exceeds the minimum standard acceptable for their position by the date stated above. In the event the employee is unable to meet or exceed the minimum standard acceptable the employee understands that they their employment may be terminated. The employee also understands that this agreement does not constitute any type of contract or promise of employment and that the organization and the employee still maintain their “Employee at Will” status.

Keep in mind that any meetings that you have with the employee should be fully documented. If the free performance improvement plan form does not include this add it to the form on your own.

Hope this has been helpful and please feel free to use the free performance improvement plan form.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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