Free Performance Appraisal Form

What’s the best way to increase productivity and retain your great employees?

Studies show that money is not the reason an employee stays at a job!

The number one reason is that they want to feel appreciated and not taken for granted!

Having an effective employee evaluation program is the most beneficial thing you can do to ensure that you maintain a motivated, productive, positive, and successful workplace.

I understand that we all get caught up with the day to day activities that keep us from one very important thing and that is formally evaluation our employees. We can continue to make excuses or we can actually do something that will do more to increase productivity than almost anything else.

Remember when you are completing an employee appraisal you want to stick to facts and not feelings.

Anything that can be substantiated is what is important. As an example it is don’t say something like John is doing a great job! It would be much more meaningful for you to say something like John has excellent attendance, or maybe John has not only met his Sales Goals he exceeded them by $225,000.

Employees truly look forward to hearing what their supervisors think about their performance. Therefore, even if the performance is less than perfect make sure you deliver the message with compassion. That does not mean you stretch the truth. Look for ways to teach and coach during the time you spend with the employee.

Enjoy my free performance appraisal form. In fact I have included our free performance improvement plan form, our free employee discipline form and software, and our free employee policy manual software as our free gift to you for visiting our website.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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