Forms of Sexual Harassment
Same Sex

There are different forms of sexual harassment and I have provided an example of one for same sex.

The fact is that many times organizations have trouble understanding what constitutes sexual harassment. Make sure you cover sexual harassment in your employee handbook.

In an effort to help I hope that this example will give you a better grip on it. Although this example is very close to an actual case - it is not and only an example.

A male employee who had been with the organization for eight years transferred into an all male department and began receiving repeated comments about being a homosexual.

These comments continued for several weeks before the male employee finally complained to his supervisor.

The supervisor explained to the male employee that there was no protection under that law for same sex sexual harassment.

Shortly after this the male employee received two written warnings within a three week period.

The male employee filed a complaint of retaliation.

It is wise to take all sexual harassment claims very seriously and have policies that address it.

Thank you and may God Bless You!

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