Executive Leadership Training

How Important Is It?

Senior leadership that does not believe in executive leadership training is generally part of a stagnant organization. New ideas are being introduced to the workforce everyday and not allowing themselves to participate in those new concepts is simply not smart! The logic would be the same for a surgeon who has been practicing for years. What if they decided that they didn’t need to learn anything else? I’m having my surgery from someone else!

Executive leadership training is no different. Yes it might be a twist on the same idea but that new twist brings it into a whole new light. In fact I have learned something from every training event I have ever participated in. An idea that hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard it at a recent event was the idea of asking the simple question, “What is the one thing I can do today that will have the most impact if nothing else gets accomplished?”

By answering that one question you are allowing yourself the opportunity to make an impact everyday instead of coasting along with the idea that everything is fine. Of course that does not mean that we can neglect other duties such as communicating with our staff, meeting with clients, approving projects. It simply means we should be asking ourselves everyday what we can do to make a difference.

When asking ourselves a question like this it doesn’t mean we should be working off our “To Do List” only! We should be challenging ourselves to find that one thing today that matters most.

It may mean taking the time to meet with one of your management staff and just get to know them a bit better. Not everything has to be about business. In fact, it will begin to build a bond that will help to increase trust and productivity. That simple little meeting on a regular basis could be all the difference in the world.

Let’s put it into practical terms.

I am married and both my wife and I have certain things that we are responsible for. We have been married for nearly thirty years. During those thirty years what if the only time I communicated with her was when I needed to inform her of something that might impact her. While at the same time I never stopped to see how she was feeling, how her day went, time to tell stories and laugh, etc. I wouldn’t be married today if that was the case.

Attending executive leadership training on a regular basis is going to force you to think about how you do or approach things within your organization. If your fine with the same old way of doing things then my guess is that you will not be doing them forever since the chances of success are reduced everyday you stay the same. Understand I am not talking about a secret sauce that isn’t changed; I’m speaking about how you lead your staff.

Some huge indicators that things are not as good as you think they are and that attending any type of executive leadership training would be helpful are; poor attendance, higher rate of turnover, higher rates of policy violations, or drop in productivity. If you are not tracking those types of employee issues you might already be falling short of your duties.

May God Bless You!

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