The Importance of Finding Good Executive Leadership Training Programs

When you hear about executive leadership training programs it can be tempting to dismiss them out of hand as being over the top or pretentious when they appear as basic business school classes or programs, or as unnecessary if you are a self-employed entrepreneur who has built his or her company from scratch. However you would be sorely missing out if these were the attitudes that you took towards executive training. Leadership is indeed a skill, and a great leader knows that as you run a company with workers from several different generations, you need to be able to properly manage all of them. This requires different skills to do effectively, and any executive level individual who wants the most out of their workers, their talent, and their company recognizes this.

This is where additional training can be invaluable whether through online courses, one on one coaching, or even special retreats customized for some of the biggest names in the world to help teach other executives how they reached their level of success. Whatever the format of the training, it's worth noting that some universities like Duke, Berkeley, and Stanford have world renowned programs specifically aimed at helping create graduates who are better prepared to move up their companies to an executive position, or even for current executives to drop in and get a touch up on their current skills.

More skills, more training, more experience, and more training are always good things.


Some of the Best Executive Leadership Training Programs

One of the biggest things to realize right off the bat is that executive leadership training programs are not created equal. When looking at one of the largest providers of these programs (universities) it's important to realize that not all of them are created equal. When looking at big programs, a good start goes with looking at major programs that are offered by top notch business schools like the following.

Stanford Business School Executive Excellence

The major program from Stanford is also subtitled "Executive Leadership Development: From Analysis to Action." This is what is called a "two module" program as there are two dates. The first one tends to be two weeks of major training while the second module is only four days. This is an instance where the two prod system helps to make a more complete training program and is open to students as well as outside individuals wishing to sharpen their skills and learn what it takes to lead from the top.  leadership

Stanford is one of the most respected business schools in the world, so it should come as no surprise that they also offer one of the most renowned programs for executive training.

UC Berkeley- The Berkeley Executive Leadership Program

This is a 5 day program designed to pull in leaders from all of the world at multiple levels of different companies to bring together the type of energy, experience, and different business point of views that rarely all come together in one place, one training, or one conference. This program places major focus on looking at each participant, their company, and the company culture.

These are critical things to think about as an executive and can drastically change the overall focus of what type of leadership is needed in order to get the most out of company workers while moving up the company ladder. Culture matters, and a clash of cultures between an executive and the rest of the company just doesn't work out well.

Duke the Fuqua School of Business: Executive Education

Duke's executive training starts with figuring out what type of personality you have and what method of leadership is most conducive to your personality. After all, trying to be a type A personality leader when you are clearly a type C person is going to be frustrating and you simply are not going to be as good a leader as a natural type A personality with that type of training.

By focusing executive training around personality and focusing on a compatible level of leadership style, you will end up getting a lot more out of the training and be much happier with the results in most cases. Can be a real eye-opener for executives or would-be executives who have never had personality testing done.  leadership

In Conclusion

When it comes to cultivating the best leadership possible for any company that means you need training programs at every level, including executive. The difference between a good executive and a bad executive is stark, and over time it will always be revealed in the overall health of a company, in the stock, and in the way it is managed while receiving either good or bad publicity as a result. Training executive leaders isn't an easy process, and you always want to make sure that you're hitting up a program that does you the most good.