What is Executive Leadership Development?

What is the difference between Executive Development and Executive Management Training?

We hear those two terms thrown around and substituted for each other, but are they really the same?

I say no!

Leadership is the ability to motivate and focus people on a common goal.

Management is the ability to insure a process is followed correctly.

They can both be used together to obtain the best outcome, but they are two different functions completely.

For instance I can manage a process that I do myself, but I can't lead myself can I?

Having spent twelve years in the Marine Corps I am very familiar with Leadership versus management and when it comes to executive leadership development in my opinion it is one of the most necessary things you can do to improve your organization.

In all except very rare cases people are what make an organization, and improving your ability to motivate and focus those people on a common goal that is constantly improving will move your organization forward at light speed.

Just ask yourself why a new coach can get a team that hasn't won a game to win! They haven't changed players! Nothing has changed except the motivation to win. To not quit until the winning point is made! That is the difference in the ability to be an ordinary leader and an extraordinary leader!

Executive Leadership Development is approaching leadership from the top down. When the President of a company sneezes the rest of the company catches a cold! That is the impact that the executive leadership has on an organization.

They are watching everything you do! Your facial expressions as you pass through the hall have an impact on the overall health of a company believe it or not!

A sound executive Leadership development program should focus on people and your ability to motivate them on a common goal. There are hundreds of ways to accomplish it, but everyone has their own style. If you try to copy someone else you will come across as not being sincere, and you won't be consistent.

A good place to start is for your executive team to take a personality test. That will help determine what direction your training should take.

One thing I have done from very early in my life was to make sure that I walk though the organization every morning I arrive to greet and get a sense of how everyone is doing. Not just nodding and smiling at people as I go by, but stopping and talking with some of them. It helps me stay in touch with the operation and continue to understand who is really making me successful. Yes that's right - they are!

When I forget that I may as well retire and move on, because I am surely going to fail!

May God Bless you!

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