Executive Coaching Training for Small Business

One of the most forgotten positive impacts on your business is executive coaching training. In almost every business labor has the most impact on the bottom line. If you could improve productivity by 10% or 20% how much would that impact your bottom line? If you could find a way to reduce the work of two employees into just one, would that help or hurt your bottom line? If you could reduce your absenteeism rate by 50% would that help or hurt your bottom line?

Too often executive coaching training only targets larger corporations; however, small business owners shouldn't be left out of the loop when it comes to developing their leadership staff. Before you discount the idea of spending money on developing your leadership team think of the real dividends you will be receiving in return. The old saying, "Money Talks" rings very true in this situation.

Just as one small example, I just recently took a look at a situation where...

These are just a very small piece of the real possibilities that you get in return for having an effective leadership team that has taken part of a executive coaching training program. Just as one small example, I just recently took a look at a situation where they had two and half staff members performing work. In a short period of time I was able to analyze the work of these individuals and reduce the position into just one full time employee, without losing any productivity.

Executive coaching training comes in many different forms and not all are beneficial. However, there are many out there that will help in a specific area that you have concerns about. I do not advocate or sell any specific type of training, only the great need for it. Even for the most experienced leaders there is a great benefit to continuing to increase their knowledge.

The point is that there are different ways to approach situations. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and our ability to get out of that rut depends on hearing about new methods. The work force is changing, and certainly work habits and ethical ways of doing things are changing. How we handle them effectively will depend on our ability to adapt to them. If you're a small business owner every dime is important. One bad employee can definitely impact a great deal. One leader that isn't effective can cost you significant amounts of money.

Introducing a concept of 15 minutes of training everyone morning can go a long way...

Just rearranging the order of certain tasks can improve productivity. Effective executive training can help you in areas like this, as well as, many others. Introducing a concept of 15 minutes of training everyone morning can go a long way of increasing productivity. This does not mean that you need to take fifteen minutes every morning, but it does mean that you are focusing on something today that was weak yesterday. You’re only touching on the subject for a very brief moment to bring attention to it without targeting anyone.

Good luck and give serious consideration to finding some type of executive training even if you're a small business owner.

May God Bless You!

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Why do you need Executive Coaching?

Is there someone on your staff that will be brutally honest with you? If your thinking of a subordinate than your kidding yourself. They will only tell you what you want to hear, or they will candy coat it.

No, sometimes we need the truth uncensored, delivered in a professional way.

You not only need coaching you need an executive coach that can evaluate you with a critical eye, not trying to be destructive but constructive.

You need someone that will observe you as you truly are and then give you the feedback you need to make those adjustments that will move your organization forward.

As executives our interactions with subordinates have an enormous impact, either positive or negative. Our words can be misinterpreted so easily. Just the tone of your voice can make an impact on someone.

How you walk through the hallway on your way to the elevator can change ones opinion of you.

So it's not just your incredible wisdom of the financial reports and your draw dropping presentations that keep the organization running smoothly! It's the whole package.

Your ever so slight dealings with someone from the mailroom may motivate and inspire that person to make a career in your organization. They may continually go the extra mile to make sure their little part of the organization is the best that it can be. You can create loyalty!

All that from either acknowledging their existence when you pass them in the hallway, or totally ignoring them like they didn't exist at all!

Those are the types of things executive coaching can point out.

Many years ago I worked in an international organization and every once in awhile a prominent person from the corporate office would call my office. They must have taken notes on me when they had spoken before because they would never forget to ask how my wife and kids were doing by their first names. That had an amazing impact on me! Whether they were reading it off a note card or truly remembered them it showed they did care about who I was.

Never discount knowing someone's name in your company. It is always the little things that make the big things happen. Be more available to everyone even if you're at the top.

Don't forget who is representing you and your organization day after day and month after month. It is the people in the trenches that are really representing you.

When you go to the Supermarket and the clerk is rude, do you discount their behavior or do you frown upon the entire company. My guess is that it is a little of both, but the company will suffer because of it.

Treat them like you want them to treat the customers.

Executive Coaching will help to point out the little things so that the big things can take care of themselves!

May God Bless you!

It Isn’t Just For Those Failing!

When most people hear about someone that is receiving executive coaching they immediately believe the person is failing in some way. Why else would they need a coach?

Well the truth be told, that is generally far from the reality of the situation. After all, Super Bowl teams have coaches and they were just named the top team in the entire National Football League.

Good coaching will enhance the skills of an individual so that they can achieve even more than they already have.

To use another sports analogy take a home run hitter that is trying to improve upon their swing. A hitting coach will watch them swing the bat time 'after time making very small adjustments improving the swing a little with each adjustment.

That is exactly what coaching will do for the experienced leader. After all any leader that believes they have nothing left to improve upon should retire. No leader or business is perfect and will always have room for improvement.

Now the difference between executive coaching and executive mentoring is slight, but certainly different.

Executive mentoring is more of a guide while coaching is more of a director/teacher. The two can blend together at times and make the process more seamless, but there are differences.

As an example if I was an executive coach for someone that I believed needed to improve on their communications skills with subordinate staff I might handle it in this manner. I might begin with asking a number of questions involving the productivity of their staff. Through those questions I would continue to narrow them down until I had the executive realize that they needed to improve in that area. That would involve both mentoring and coaching skills.

Sometime coaching must be more direct and to the point. In those cases, depending on the executive, they can be less responsive. People in general are defensive and pointing out what appears to be fault is hard to hear. On the other hand time is a factor and addressing the same issue as above I might handle it like this. I observed you speaking with a number of your staff and if it were me I would make the following changes... ...and here is why I would make those changes.

Executive coaching is not a perfect science and both coaches and executives are different. Both have to be open for change. Yes even the coach must be open for changing. If they believe their way is the only way they better get out of the business.

Of course coaching is just another term for training, and I truly believe training is the key to having a successful organization. As I mentioned earlier if someone believes they have nothing left to learn they better retire, because they have lost their mind. We can always improve.

Study after study shows that dollars spent on training have a greater return on investment (ROI) than dollars spent on upgrades. The point is that people are the key to your success, not machines, equipment, buildings, vehicles, or anything else.

It is the people that will help you succeed. If you can improve your skills so that you can help them improve their skills, you are moving in the right direction.

Get involved with executive coaching and you will reap the rewards!

May God Bless you!

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