Examples of Racial Discrimination and National Origin

These examples of racial discrimination and national origin will help demonstrate how easily it can take place in the workplace!

One way to help make it clear in your company that any type of discrimination is not tolerated is to have an employee handbook and include your policy on discrimination in it! Also explain that there are consequences for violation of your policy no matter who the violator is, including supervisors!

So you be the judge of the following possible discrimination scenario that involves national origin.

Examples of Racial Discrimination and National Origin - Cafeteria in a large corporate office building

A new Manager reported to work where he will be in charge of the Food Service Workers for a cafeteria in a large corporate office building. The employees are primarily Hispanic; however, there are some Caucasians and African American employees also.

All the employees are able to speak English fluently.

For the most part all employees use English while dealing with the customers. But on occasion they will use Spanish when speaking to a customer that initiates the conversation in that language.

The new manager walked into the break room during the first week and confronted the Hispanic employees that were speaking in Spanish at a break room table. He told them that he would prefer that they speak in English as a favor to the rest of the employees.

They did not comply with the managers request.

The following week he changed the break times of those employees that were setting at the table so that they were all different.

When they confronted him he responded that he changed the times to increase productivity.

Do you think that this is going to present the possibility of a discrimination claim?

Doesn't the employer have the right to change break times as long as they stay within the law?

Examples of Racial Discrimination and National Origin - Rules requiring employees speak only English

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their birthplace, culture, ancestry, or language/accent that is associated with a certain ethnic group.

Rules requiring employees speak only English at the workplace may violate Title VII unless the organization can provide evidence that it is necessary to conduct business. Typically requiring an employee to speak only English during their breaks would not qualify. In the above example even if the manager had a valid reason for changing their break times it would be clouded by his earlier request to speak only English.

Producing and having a excellent employee manual that covers all company rules and policies is an excellent first step in insuring you protect the company and the employees. Remember it is your responsibility according to the law to protect your employees against many things including discrimination. You can hire an attorney at $300 or $400 an hour or use a great employee manual software like Standard Legal for less than $50 total. You choice!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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