Examples of Integrity
 Integrity Means Everything!

Examples of Integrity

To provide great examples of integrity I only need to draw on my experiences as a Marine.

Marines often go on long troop movements by foot taking all of their combat gear. This includes everything that they need in combat from wearing their flak jacket, carrying their e-tools, to extra socks and boots. These movements generally go through rough terrain for very long distances.

The Commanding General had received word that some of his lower ranking officers were not packing all their gear in their packs in order to make them lighter. In fact he heard that some of them were actually placing cardboard boxes in their packs to make them look full but would weigh practically nothing.

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The General decided to conduct a little experiment.

He put out the order that they would be going on another long force march through one of the toughest areas yet. A force march is a long fast paced march that Marine often took. This time however the General was asking them to go through an area that included many obstacles including sharp rocks and thick thorny brushes.

The day of the force march came and the General asked his young officers to make sure their Marines had all their gear. He instructed them to personally inspect their packs for the proper gear.

After doing so the force march got under way.

This particular force march was absolutely grueling. Every step of the way was a struggle over rough painful terrain.

When they had gone out about ten miles they came upon a clearing where there were vehicles waiting.

The General then ordered everyone to remove their boots and socks and put on the extra pair in their packs.  They then were ordered to place their extra pair of boots and socks into the vehicles where the General would personally insure that each Marine turned in a pair.

Well it didn’t take long to find out which Marine Corps Officers had integrity and which ones would be answering to the General!

Let's take a look at some More Examples of Integrity!

examples of integrity

What is Integrity?

Is it just doing the right thing at the right time?

Is it just being honest?

When you ask someone that did something heroic what do they generally all say?

Almost every one of them says "I really didn't think about it! I just reacted!"

You see true integrity is a way of life! It isn't one single act of doing the right thing! It's living a life of a commitment to doing the right thing!

It's not returning the wrong change to a cashier that gave you too much and then adjusting your tax return to get back more money that you shouldn't get!

It's not praying at a Church Pot Luck and then not praying at a local restaurant!

The Daniel's and Good Samaritan's of the bible are those that put themselves aside and focused on something that is bigger than them!

Let's take a look at the story of the Good Samaritan and see just how it becomes another one of those examples of integrity!

One of the greatest Examples of Integrity Ever Told! 

We have all heard of the Good Samaritan, which is found in Luke 10, versus 25 through 37.

We use the term The Good Samaritan often in our everyday lives, but do we really understand the story completely, and what he risked? The true Integrity of this Samaritan man!

The story starts off with a lawyer asking Jesus a question about how he can inherit eternal life.  I’m sure the lawyer was trying to be smart by asking a question that he thought he already knew the answer to. He had no idea of what he was about to hear!

Who is my Neighbor?

Jesus explains, "You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself."

Well the lawyer now wants to know who his neighbor is. He is probably thinking of his next door neighbor. I’m sure his mind drifted quickly to whether he liked or disliked his next door neighbor!

This is where the story comes in about The Good Samaritan.

A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and was brutally attacked by some robbers.

The trip in that day was very dangerous! 

Now keep in mind on the map Jericho was actually North of Jerusalem, but in the story it speaks of traveling down.  Well if you know the area, the actual road, which is about 17 miles long, is going down in elevation.  Therefore, Jesus is accurate.

The trip in that day was also very dangerous since it had many places for robbers to hide.  It was known for just that.  Think of traveling in a large city on the bad side of town for a minute. This is the same type of setting for The Good Samaritan. Everyone there listening to the story knew the area and how bad it was.  They could relate to it very well!

 So the man was robbed, beaten, and left for dead without clothing.  What would you have done?  What if you came across that today in the city?  It is easy to say you would stop and help, but maybe you would just make a cell phone call to 911 and report the location of the injured man. True integrity asks much more from us! It requires us to go way beyond what would be done by everyone else!

Priest also knew the law!

Well they didn't have cell phones during this time of course.

In the story of The Good Samaritan a Priest comes along and sees the man that is in great need of help.  In the time of this story a Priest was most likely pretty well off and was riding some type of animal or maybe even a cart of some kind.  The Priest also knew the Law of Moses so you would think they would stop to help.  After all we are to Love Thy Neighbor!

Well the Priest moves to the other side of the road and goes right on by.  Most likely they were afraid they would be mugged and robbed also.  They may have even sped up a little.  Who knows for sure? They through Integrity right out the window when it really mattered.

Now a Levite came along also after the Priest and they too passed on by.  A Levite was a descendant from the tribe of Levi.  They too should have known the Law of Moses.  How could they do that?  How could someone do that today? It happens every single day!

We are all neighbors to each other!

Now a Samaritan comes along.  Now keep in mind a Samaritan was someone that the Jews didn't care for so much. In most cases they were thought of as second class citizens.  I know we all can relate to groups of people we wrongly put into that classification.  We are all people and we are all Neighbors to each other. So now the idea of a Samaritan man that the Jews most likely despised was entering the story. I’m certain that everyone’s ears perked up a bit, especially the lawyers.

Well the Good Samaritan not only stops but he applies the medicine of that time, which would have been very valuable.  He places the injured man onto his animal which would have required him to walk and then takes him to the next town and makes sure he is taken care of.  The Good Samaritan not only pays for the lodging for the injured man, but tells the Innkeeper that he will pay any additional money due when he returns. 

He paid the cost of taking care of him!

The Good Samaritan went to great lengths to make sure the injured man was taken care of. He took a great deal of money out of his own pocket and paid the cost of taking care of him.  He intended to check in on him and pay any remaining expenses when he passed back through the town.

Speaking of examples of integrity, do you have that kind of Integrity? Could you put doing the right thing first over everything? Over being inconvenienced! Over giving up belongings and money! Over prejudices! Over risking your own safety!

What Jesus was saying to all of us that reads this story, is that we are to become the Good Samaritan to everyone!  Everyone is our Neighbor!  Our neighbor is that guy that just cut you off at the last intersection! Our neighbor is that young boy from a foreign country that is living in a tent with nothing to eat! It is a very hard standard to live up to.  The only way we can do this is with Jesus himself helping us.  By accepting him as your Personal Savior!  That is the only way you can become like The Good Samaritan!  You can’t do it on your own!

Some more short examples of integrity! 

A married man on a business trip is approached by a very attractive female while he is enjoying dinner at the hotel restaurant. 

When the woman asks him if she can buy him a drink he tells her that he is very happily married and tells her no!

A government employee is offered great tickets to a NFL football game from a vendor that they work closely with.

The government employee tells the vendor that he is not allowed to except the tickets.

The vendor tells him that no one will know!

The government employee tells him that he will and that's all that matters!

Great examples of integrity, although not easy, can be found throughout our history carried out by ordinary people like you and me!

Firemen running into a burning building...   

Our Military volunteering to serve.. 

Our Police serving and protecting...

Our Teacher's...

These are short and sweet but a generalized example of integrity.

Business integrity is quite different and the gray areas are much larger!

There is such a push to do more with less in today’s work place that leadership is beginning to cloud the lines between was is right and what is close to illegal, if not in fact totally illegal!

The idea for leadership to simply make a profit so that they can receive a larger bonus has now become, make a profit or you’re fired!

This changes the dynamics completely!

I have seen leadership become so creative when it comes to their financial reporting that it makes a pile of poop seem like a golden mountain of fragrant spring flowers!


Not because they were looking to make a great bonus!

Simply to save their backside from hitting the unemployment line!

However, on the other hand, I have seen magnificent examples of integrity as well!

I have seen examples of integrity where leaders have took full responsibility for things that their staff had done simply because they were men and women of integrity. As leaders, like the Captain of the Titanic, we are responsible for the actions of our staff, unless of course they are acting illegally on their own!

As leaders we build our teams to perform in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of our superiors!

I can tell you some examples of integrity where leaders have misused client’s funds that were entrusted to them to cover their backsides because they mismanaged their own budgets. No matter how you slice it was wrong!

Yes, you can dress up the pig by putting lip stick on them, but it is still a pig!

I can tell you examples of integrity where leaders took profits from one year and moved them into another reporting year, violating IRS regulations!

There are all kinds of reasons and excuses for business leaders to cloud the lines of integrity today, but I can promise you that no job or career is worth destroying who you are as a person!

I have personally left companies for not breaking the law!

I have personally put my career on the line to tell my senior leadership team that I will not tell lies to my staff!

Now I am not pretending to be some goody two shoes person that never does anything wrong, because that would be a lie in itself!

What I am saying is that I answer ultimately to God!

Although I often fall way short of God’s bar, I do know that I must continue to have that as my goal! That is the bar I look to for judging true integrity!

The kind of integrity that puts my team first and me second!

Let me give you some great examples of integrity!

Let’s start with the home and marriage. Too many times a spouse will find out by accident that the other one is cheating on them.

It could be by walking in on them in their own bedroom while they are having sex! 

Can you imagine the pain of someone walking in to their own bedroom and seeing your spouse bare ass naked in the arms of someone else? Or it could be by one of their children watching one of their parents kissing someone different than their dad or mom! With the advancement of the internet it could even be someone walking in on them having cyber sex! It happens!

A wife or husband that cheats on the other completely destroys the fabric or their marriage and consequently any chance of living a life of integrity. Anyone who would do that has the potential for cheating on everything and everyone! Whether it is their taxes or the company till! Every word out of their mouth from that point forward must be questioned! If they don’t take their marriage seriously how can they take anything else!

These types of examples of integrity go way beyond a white lie! They simply destroy lives!

One the other hand let me switch gears and go in a direction where integrity shines strongly through with heroic actions! They people put others first at the cost of their own lives!

If you're looking for some real examples of integrity you can find them without looking very hard at all.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, at approximately 8:46 am, our world changed forever! Within that change we soon found out about who had integrity and who did not!

After American Airlines Flight 11 <b>slammed into the side of the World Trade Center's North Tower and burst into flames</b> the true spirit of what makes America great came out! True examples of integrity!

Shortly after the people on American Airlines Flight 11 perished along with the innocent lives of those inside the North Tower men and women of integrity came running into the building and not out! Those men and women were only sure about one thing as they ran into that fiery condemned building and one thing only! They knew that there were people inside that building that needed their help and they would stop at nothing, short of death, to get them that help to them!

A building where people jumped to their own deaths to escape the torturous heat and horrendous conditions that those brave men did not hesitate to head up to!  

As they went inside they could hear the loud thumping sounds of people jumping to their deaths to escape the flames and tremendous heat that they were heading up into. They didn't stop, hesitate or stammer! These men and women, who are true examples of integrity, kept running up the stairs to what became their final attempted rescue!

Shortly after the first attack at approximately 9:03 am United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the World Trade Center's South Tower a bit lower than the American Airlines Flight 11. The brave men and women of the New York City Fire and Police Department altered their plan now by sending help into that building as well. What type of person will run into a building that everyone else is trying to get out of to save their own lives! A building where people will jump to their own deaths to escape the torturous heat and horrendous conditions that those brave men and women were heading up to! Those are examples of integrity!

They simply ran into a burning building that soon became their final mission!

On that day in New York City there were 343 firefighters and 60 police officers, including some from the Port Authority, who perished that day trying to save others. Those brave selfless men and women put others before themselves'! They didn't stop and ask what's in it for me? They didn't ask if they were going to receive some type of award or benefit! They simply ran into a burning building that soon became their final mission! I take my hat off to each and every one of them brave men and women! If I can give you examples of integrity like this I hope that you understand what true integrity is? Like Jesus said so clearly, “What greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for someone else!”

In the same light let's talk about the men and women on United Airlines Flight 93! On this flight most of the passengers were already hearing about the other hijackings that had already occurred and had crashed into the World Trade Center's and the Pentagon. They soon knew that their fate was headed in the same direction unless they took action. Action that would require integrity and more courage than they ever must have imagined possible! They knew if they didn't take action that not only would they perish but the hijackers most likely would complete their mission of striking either the United States Capital Building or the White House itself! They were not going to allow this no matter if it cost them their own lives, and it ultimately did! Integrity!

They answered the call to protect our Freedom!  

These men and women made a decision that only those with integrity could make! They decided that they were not going to allow these radical crazy no good for nothing criminal terrorists to win! Although they were not members of the Armed Forces they answered the call to protect our Freedom! They put themselves second and the lives and freedom of everyone else first! They rushed the cockpit and successfully stopped the hijackers attempt to attack another United States target! The hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93 had miscalculated the integrity of Americans! On that day and on that airplane the terrorist lost! Yes they may have taken the lives of those courageous Americans but they could not take our spirit! These are examples of integrity that just can't be matched!

Just like the lives of three thousand American men who perished that had rushed onto Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, in Normandy France. Those men of integrity gave their lives too, 3,000, so that we may have the Freedoms we enjoy today! These are also examples of integrity!

Whether they lived or died they were going to storm that beach!

Having spent twelve years in the United States Marine Corps and went through similar training I can tell you there was great doubt that the men on that day felt they were going to survive past the beaches! But they knew that there was a greater good! A good that went much further than themselves! Whether they lived or died they were going to storm that beach! Why? Because it was the right thing to do! That my friend is integrity and these are examples of integrity that can't be matched!

Now we could list hundreds and hundreds of examples of integrity that would match or surpass the above ones.  These are only a taste of what it takes to have integrity!

The real question is do you have integrity as you go through your normal routine in life! Can we put our own selfish needs second to the greater good of those around us! Can we stop and help someone we don’t know do something they can’t do on their own! Can we allow someone else to cut in line in front of us in the checkout line, or do we throw a fit!

What kind of sacrifices can we make when we know that there were so many before us that gave everything they had to offer! Yes they gave their lives for us!

"Leadership requires Courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation." 

Let me give you some more examples.

Managers often receive a bonus based on the amount of profit they produce for their organization. In most cases this is either based on a monthly or yearly number.

Some managers can become very creative in achieving this goal. The question becomes whether there integrity is compromised in the process.

What do you think about this?

Many organizations consider supplies as money sitting on the shelf that can’t be used for any other purpose; therefore, it is counted against the amount of profit.

Run their inventories way down...

This can be a great strategy to prevent managers from stocking up on items that will sit on the shelf for months and months. They purchase the product at a good price and then don't use it up for several months. This seems like a good strategy at first, but many things can happen to alter that. One problem may be that the expiration dates expire before they use it up.

I agree it is a good practice to count the existing stock against the profit, since it is money sitting on the shelf.

Some managers at the end of the year will run their inventories way down to near nothing so that they can show a reduction in expenses which translate into more profit, especially if they are close to making their numbers as it relates to a bonus. The first month of the following year they bring their inventory back up to an acceptable level. In the mean time they got their bonus!

 How about these examples of integrity?

Do you think this shows integrity?

Free tickets to an NFL Game...

In business examples of integrity are far and great such as this situation that happens all the time. Let's say that you are the individual that is in charge of ordering all the supplies for the medical facility within the health Care facility.

Your budget is getting very tight because it is the end of the year, and you have seen some unexpected cost increases from most of your vendors.

One day you get a call from a vendor that sells disposable exam gloves and a number of other products that your facility uses. Their prices are very comparable to your current vendor.

As your speaking with them they ask you if you would like tickets to the NFL Football Game in your area this weekend. It just happens to be our favorite team and you have never been to a game in your life.

To sweeten the pot they tell you they have four box seat tickets at the fifty yard line. They go onto tell you that you are under no obligation to purchase anything but would like to set up an appointment next week to talk about getting your business.

Is accepting the tickets putting into question your integrity? If you need to think about your answer to this question, you probably have problems that would question your integrity!,

Here is just one more to think about.

Uses the company credit card in the ATM...

You and your boss are on a business trip together. This particular trip happens to be in Las Vegas where you will be attending an upscale training event for the entire week.

During the week your Boss asks you to go along with him to do some gambling. You agree and off you go to the hotel casino. When you get there you notice your boss pulls out the company credit card and uses it to get some money out of the ATM. Although you feel uncomfortable with what you just witnessed you decide to say nothing. After all maybe you really didn't see what you thought you did.

After about two hours you notice him again make a trip to the ATM, but this time you didn't go with him.

About two weeks after returning from your trip you are called into the Senior Vice Presidents office, who is your boss's boss. Before going to their office your boss calls you and mentions that the dinner you both had at the casino that night was really worth it. You have no idea what he is talking about since all you had was the free finger food the hotel offered, but you agree anyway.

When you get to their office, the Senior Vice President begins asking you about what you did while in Las Vegas. In particular they ask if you had a very expensive dinner with your boss on that same night you were at the casino.

It now made sense why your boss had mentioned something to you about the nice dinner!

What do you say to the Senior Vice President?

Thank you for reviewing this information on examples of integrity and May God Bless You!

examples of integrity

What is Integrity?
More Examples of Integrity

examples of integrity

I am always asked for examples of integrity in a business environment?

Good question!

One way you could define it would be to say it is a set of moral or ethical standards that are adhered to.

The key in this statement is the part where they are adhered to!

The real test of what is integrity would be when those moral or ethical standards could be easily avoided/violated without consequences, yet they are still adhered to.

Simply put if you know that there will not be a highway patrolman ahead you still drive the posted speed limit. Someone without integrity will have a radar detector in their vehicle.

Someone with integrity will return additional change given to them by mistake from a cashier.

Do we treat all employees fairly? 

In business, and especially as leaders, our integrity can be tested almost on a daily basis.

Do we treat all employees fairly? Do we really?

Are there employees you like more than others and may overlook their poor behavior?

What about discrimination?

Do you ever consider providing more of your time, training, promotions, transfers, etc., to certain groups of individuals?

What if you're a certain religion and you know that one of your employees is blatantly violating parts of your religion and they ask for time off to participate in something you are against?

What if you are conducting an inventory and you recognize that one of your vendors sent a double order of a product but has only charged you for one? All the paper work and invoices provided only account for one order.

What about counting the mileage as a business trip?

Examples of Integrity! Doing the right thing even if you can get away with doing something different!

What about using the company credit card to charge something on a business trip that does not qualify as an expense, but you code it to reflect one.

What about counting the mileage as a business trip that you used to do your personal errands?

What about calling in sick when you are not?

Someone with integrity must be able to hold themselves accountable. They must be able to look into the mirror and say to themselves I am doing the right thing, and it truly is!

I say that because there are some that will justify taking something at work because they feel their company has taken advantage of them in some way! It may even be true that their company did take advantage of them. This does not justify their actions!

What about accepting personal gifts from a vendor? 

What about accepting personal gifts from a vendor that provides all your company's supplies, where you are the approving official?

As you can see from all the above examples it is truly easy to cross the line, and in some cases even trying to find the line.

Examples of Integrity! I think you know! Even among the most honest individuals it can be a hard standard to live up to!

Why? Because we are humans and we tend to justify things to make our self feel better!

True integrity helps to keep ourselves in check!

Some Examples of Integrity

The best definition of integrity is a person does what he says he or she is going to do. Following through and doing what you promised is probably the best way of expressing what integrity really means.

When we look at history, we see some very vivid examples of integrity that we can apply to our own lives. The example of Abraham Lincoln paying off the debt of his business partner for the next 17 years after their store in New Salem, Illinois failed in 1833 is one of the more vivid examples of integrity that we point to.

Honesty and dependability are two traits that speak to a situation of integrity, particularly when it comes to the workplace. If an employee can make it to work on time, put in a good days work and be productive, that is a form of integrity. However if the employee is always late, loafs on the job, and is a problem at work, these actions would be a sign that the person has a lack of integrity. The second person is in a sense, being dishonest to his or her employer, because when the job was offered to the person, they tacitly agree that they will uphold the employer’s standards.

The integrity of our founding fathers of the United States is one of the more shining examples of integrity in the history of the world. Patrick Henry’s statement of, “Give me liberty, or give me death” put his integrity on the line right in the face of the enemy. Most of the framers of the Constitution and of this new experiment called The United States Of America literally put their lives and their fortunes on the line to stand for a cause that reverberated around the world as a beacon of hope.

They made a pledge to stand fast and become free from the tyrannical hold that Britain had on them by creating a separate government where they would have their own say about how they were to live and as an example for the people for the future. The fact that they did not waver, but for the most part carried the new philosophy through to its conclusion is one of the more shining testimonies of integrity that the world has ever known.

One of the better examples of integrity in action is that of the United States in is ever-present willingness to reach out to other peoples all over the world when a natural disaster occurs. You will always find American resources coming to the aid of those who are less fortunate, from earthquakes, mudslides, volcanoes, famine, and similar events.

There are many private American organizations that reach out to the world as well, which is unusual for the world, because other countries do not practice this benevolence, as do the Americans. In spite of world criticism of the United States, it is a fact that over the years the amount of aid for others that has come from the USA is staggering when you consider the results from history.

Good Luck and God Bless You and thank you for reviewing these examples of integrity!

Additional Information on Examples of Integrity

examples of integrity

Examples of Integrity: Was It The Real Thing Or Another Marine Mobilization Exercise?

The below examples of integrity hopefully will define what it truly means to be a leader, not only in the workplace, but also in life!

Before I begin with the example I wanted to provide you with my very short definition of what integrity means to me!

Putting Truth before Self!

To me it boils down to that simple statement!

Let's see if that rings true in these examples of integrity!

Several years ago I spent twelve years in the United States Marine Corps, from 1975 until 1987. I must say that there were times of absolute joy and times of pain and suffering beyond belief! However, there is one lesson I know that I will always remember till the day I die! The lesson is that if you are going to do anything, make sure you do your very best no matter what!

During those twelve years I remember one very important mobilization exercise that may be the best examples of integrity that I could ever come up with.

Often our unit would prepare and conduct mock mobilization exercises: During these exercises the unit would be notified and inspected on how long it would take to contact all members of the unit, prepare equipment and supplies, and stage them:at a military flight line ready for transporting. The time frame required to pass the inspection was generally set at around forty-eight hours.

So in these examples of integrity that meant that once the Marine Corps unit received orders that their unit was being mobilized they had to set a plan in motion to contact every member of the unit and have them report. Once they reported they would immediately prepare their own combat equipment as well as assist in preparing the unit's equipment that they would be transporting to the targeted Hot Zone!

examples of integrity

Examples of Integrity: Pack Your Pack For Combat

Part of that meant that each Marine would prepare their own pack which included all of their combat equipment. Although times may have changed since I was a Marine the equipment then consisted of your shelter half, at least one change of uniform and boots, helmet, canteens, a small shovel, personal hygiene items, etc. Just for clarification a shelter half is one half of a two man tent. Fully loaded the pack weighed around fifty to seventy pounds. However, everything in the pack was extremely important to your basic survival. Although you never put anything that wouldn't be needed you certainly wanted everything you could get into it.

These mock mobilization exercises were common and were a big part of a Marine unit's regular training. After all a Marine must be ready to mobilize and be at the front line quickly!

In these examples of integrity it will demonstrate the importance of my earlier statement about taking everything very seriously no matter if it is for practice or the real thing!

I will now to get to the real purpose of this story!

Our Marine unit was mobilized and the action plan was set in motion. I remember being contracted and although I had been on many mobilization exercises before my wife of just a few months had not been a part of them up until now. She was convinced that I was going off to war! This was at the same time the Marine Corps Barracks had been bombed in Lebanon killing numerous Marines. In fact I folded the flag in eight burials that took place in our geographical location. As I prepared my pack and full combat gear my wife sobbed as I tried to explain that this was only an exercise. She didn't buy any of it!

examples of integrity

Examples of Integrity: I was excited to think that this was the real thing because this is what we train for...

Once I arrived at the unit I jumped right in and helped with the preparation of everything else. This was always a little bit exciting to me and most Marines because this is what we trained for. We had the drill down to a science. Once everything was prepared inspections began to take place. The inspections consisted of higher ranking Non Commissioned Officers and Officers inspecting packs for all the necessary equipment and of course the units equipment. Sometimes the inspections were more detailed than other times, but in general they made sure you had what you needed.

The Administrative Marines also made sure that everyone had a "Next of Kin" identified and a beneficiary to their government life insurance policy. Always a real motivator when you are preparing to go off to war. Well knowing it was only an exercise it wasn't that emotional this time!

The next phase of the exercise included moving the Marines and equipment about thirty miles to the military flight line for the final piece of our mock exercise. Well in fact that phase went just a smoothly as everything else. When we arrived at the flight line we fell into formation for the final inspection of this mobilization exercise.

Well to everyone's surprise we were informed that we would be loading into the open belly of a military cargo plane that had bench seating running front to back. This is the type of plush accommodations where the passenger compartment is . not pressurized, nor heated. You are also privileged to be able to see all the mechanical actions of the airplane since it was all exposed. It goes without saying that we didn't have any stewardesses to serve us lunch and drinks.

Examples of Integrity: Be Prepared

As we prepared to enter the belly of the plane I dropped my pack and took out my field jacket (a coat with insulation) and gloves and put them on. Everyone around me thought that I was crazy since the temperature on the flight line was nearing one hundred degrees. There were a few others that did the same and then we loaded onto the plane. It wasn't long after taking off that those sitting around me understood why I did what I did in putting on my field jacket. Of course I tried to tell them when we were on the ground that once in the air the temperature was going to drop dramatically, and it did! Some around me were complaining because they had not included their field jacket in their pack. Mistake number one in this example of integrity!

Keep in mind we had no idea where we were going! I had promised my wife that this was only an exercise and now how was I going to explain this. Although I was excited my mind was racing on what in fact was happening. This was only supposed to be an exercise and nothing more.

We stayed in the air about an hour before the plane descended very rapid onto a runway that was not lit, i.e., no runway lights. We off loaded and fell into formation on an old runway strip that had weeds growing up through the cracks and woods all around them. It was so dark you could barely see the person next to you. After everyone was off we proceeded to forced march into the wooded area. It was difficult to say the least since just seeing the person in front of you was extremely difficult. After we marched about thirty minutes or so we were stopped and told to pair up and break out our shelter halves. I paired up with the person behind me and we set our two man tent up, rolled out our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

The next morning, bright and early, we arose to actually find out what the area really looked like. Again, this is the type of exercise a Marine looks forward to.

What we soon observed was that a number of officers and high ranking non commissioned officers had not anticipated actually going on a mobilization exercise. They had packed their packs with an empty box so that it was lighter, yet looked like it was a neatly packed pack!

Now in these examples of integrity there was a price to pay for them not being honest.

First since they had not brought a shelter half they were wet from the morning dew that soaked anything that was not covered. Since they had to sleep exposed to the elements they were soaked. Because they were soaked they looked like hell! Had they packed an extra uniform they could have at least changed into a dry one. To say the least they faced ridicule and embarrassment to those that showed integrity by preparing for the exercise as if it were real. In addition, I'm sure they had a lot of explaining to do to their superior officer.

In these examples of integrity it taught me a very valuable lesson and that was what I . began with. Be prepared and be true to yourself.

As mentioned if they would have put truth before self they would have not had . to face such a revealing outcome!

Thank you for reviewing this information on examples of integrity.

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