Employment Racial Discrimination: Have You Been Discriminated Against?

Employment racial discrimination occurs any time an employer treats an employee or an applicant differently than other employees due to their race. Whether it’s because of the color of their skin or their national origin this practice is illegal in all 50 states.

Other Considerations

Racial discrimination can also be considered when the spouse of someone who is of different ethnic origin is treated differently, or someone who associates with someone of a different ethnicity is treated differently, this can include being associated with an ethnic group as well.

The Perpetrator

The victim of racial discrimination may even be of the same ethnic origin of the person inflicting the discrimination.

Any employee can be guilty of discrimination. It doesn't have to be the supervisor or boss it can be a co worker or even a delivery person that comes to the building.

The Law

The law clearly states that it is illegal to harass a person due to their race or nationality. Forms of employment racial discrimination may include any of the following:

Racial slurs

Rude or derogatory comments in regards to a person’s race

Displaying of racially offensive symbols (this includes clothing items as well as tagging personal property, lockers and other items)

If at any time a person is offended by a comment or symbols and has asked the other party to stop such behavior and it isn't stopped, it's considered harassment and is illegal if it continues. If the behavior results in the person of different race being fired or having a problem at work (demoted or put on tasks not associated with the job position) then it is considered harassment and discrimination. If the offending behavior makes the employee uncomfortable, its discrimination according to the law.

Employers Responsibility

Employers are supposed to make work a safe environment for everyone regardless of their race. Sadly, this often isn't the case.


Job positions must be open to any applicant regardless of race. Pay scale must be the same for the job positions regardless of the person’s race. Advancement must also be available to all employees regardless of race.

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Employees that file charges of racial discrimination may not be retaliated against. Employers can be fined further if this happens. Employees who have filed charges may not be fired, demoted or otherwise harassed during any of the proceedings.

How to File if You Are the Victim

If you are the victim of employment racial discrimination, you may file at the EEOC website free of charge. You must make this filing within 180 days of being harassed or up to 300 days depending upon the state in which you are residing at the time of discrimination. You don't need a lawyer but you may wish to seek counsel and know your options if you have been discriminated against.

If you feel you have been discriminated against due to your race you can go to EOCC.gov for more information or to file your complaint against an employer.

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