Employment Law Lawyer

What do you need to consider?

You may not realize it, but when it comes to an employment law lawyer, they don't necessarily specialize in specific areas of employment law. Why? Since they all must take the exact same exams to pass the bar, you would think finding an employment lawyer, should be fairly easy. They all should be able to do this type of law, to a greater or lesser degree. Bottom line here is, there are relatively few ways for an employment law lawyer to specialize in any one area of employment law.

Don't get the wrong impression though that employment law lawyer’s don't have their particular areas of expertise. If you need a lawyer, you can find one that has experience in the particular area of employment law that you need. Employment law is a combination of statutory torts and common law torts, civil rights law, not to mention adding in state versus federal laws. Therefore, if you need an employment lawyer in this area of law, then it is best to check out any attorney you are considering with your specific State’s Bar Association. You should be able to find out important information about their experience before you hire them.

Another thing you should always consider is the high cost of any employment lawyer. An employment lawyer can cost as much as $300.00 an hour or more. Understand also that it will take many hours if the case is not settled out of court and does go to trial. That is exactly why often time’s employment law cases are settled out of court. Knowing that and you were just terminated for cause, my guess is that you are not in a position to hire an employment law lawyer. On the other hand, if you’re situation looks as though it may have a lot of merit, there is an excellent chance that you will be able to hire an employment lawyer that will take the case on a contingency basis. This means that the employment lawyer will not charge you anything up front, but instead will receive a large portion, at least one third of the settlement should you win your case.

So before an employment lawyer considers taking any case on a contingency bases they are going to be real sure that the case looks solid. This may mean that they are going to do some up front research to verify some of the facts. No offense, but many clients give a slant to their circumstances that are not necessarily true. The employment law lawyer does not want to spend countless hours of their own time on a losing venture. Also an employment lawyer is going to decide what, if any, the damages are. In doing so, they will also try to determine if there was malice or intent to harm someone. An example of this would be for a sexual harassment case. If a supervisor commits the sexual harassment, this can mean that the settlement would be much greater than if a coworker was the offender. Turn it up one more notch and say that the owner of the company was the offended and it could mean the settlement goes very high. The difference is that the supervisor and/or owner is suppose to be the ones that protects the person. Other factors if it was a coworker would be if the company provided any training or not against sexual harassment. As you can see there are many factors that the employment law lawyer will want to examine prior to taking your case on a contingency basis.

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