Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes are going to be a part of your life if you’re in a leadership role of any kind. The important part is that you act quickly and wisely to avert any more serious issues that can come out of them. Of course the worst case scenario would be an outright fist fight in the workplace. This is rarely going to happen unless you sit back and do absolutely nothing. Sitting back and taking a watch and see approach may also cost you a law suit as well. Remember you have a responsibility, by law, to maintain a safe working environment and doing nothing when you know there is a problem will ultimately cost you.

I have found that the most common cause of Employment Disputes is Gossip of some kind. People unfortunately love gossip, but it will destroy even the best of people! Gossip is like a cancer that starts off slowly and builds into a deadly disease when ignored. Yes the cure can be painful but necessary. Trying to determine where the gossip started can be fairly difficult because everyone is going to have a slant on reality. But nonetheless it is essential that you peel back the onion and get to the root cause of the problem. Please note that it is also wise to have a policy against gossip included in your Employee Policy Handbook. Again, gossip is a huge reason for Employee Conflict!

Once you have determined that you are having Employment Disputes you must begin the process of interviewing the employees involved immediately. Don’t put it off hoping that it will resolve itself because it rarely does. Don’t fall into the other trap of buying into an employee’s plea when they state “I don’t want anyone to get into trouble but…..!” This is always followed by something that has grossly offended them. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that flow from the mouths of employee’s. The next statement you must make is “I understand that you don’t want anything to happen; however, I have an obligation to investigate any wrongdoing that may have occurred in the workplace!”

The other trap that many young Leader’s fall into when dealing with Employment Disputes, is buying into the first person’s story that has lodged the compliant. In many cases it may be the case but listen closely to all the evidence prior to coming to any conclusions. Although this may be an extreme example I remember a time long ago that a female entered my office and claimed she had been raped by her supervisor. As you may have guessed I was stunned; however, when all the dust settled it was a far cry from rape. In the end everyone involved with this particular situation was fired!

Employment Disputes are going to happen! The difference will be in how you handle them! You will hear me tell you over and over throughout this Website to make sure that you are fair and consistent. Don’t take sides and don’t play favorites. It will come back to haunt you every time. If you want a fast trip to the court room this would be the way to get there! Many discrimination complaints and/or EEO complaints start out as Employment Disputes. Put a stop to them with swift and correct action on your part.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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