Employment Certification Letter: Why Do I Need One?

An employment certification letter is a document that a current or former employer will give to a person to verify that the person actually worked somewhere. These letters may also be used to verify employment for a potential loan, bond, mortgage and more.

employee certification letter

What Should the Employment Certification Letter Say?

Some organizations such as financial institutions require the letter to be written to reflect specific information. As an example they can greatly affect the eligibility of a person to get housing, loans, mortgages, a new job and more.

This letter will show when the person was employed, which department, the exact dates, and the person's responsibilities. If the person moved up the ladder, it should also reflect this vital information. This may include something such as, "XYZ started in the mail room and moved up the ladder to eventually take over the position of rater in our insurance company". 

This vital information shows that the person worked there. That the person started at a lower level position and worked their way up the corporate ladder. It may also show that the person completed specific training modules and perhaps a degree.

If the person earned any promotions or awards while employed for the company, these should also be listed on the verification letter. Salary information shouldn't be included on this letter. However, a few corporate jobs will show this. It's all up to the company.

How Should I Format the Employment Certification Letter?

There are a variety of different styles of verification letters. Before writing such a letter, it is wise to check the various types and ensure that the letter being written follows a typical verification letter format.

Always highlight positive things regarding the person. If there is nothing positive it is sufficient to just mention the dates employed and the position held.

Be sure to list a company phone number where the recipient could call should they have any questions regarding the person. Most such letters are written in a formal style. Many employees will ask for one when they leave a job.

This is fairly routine and when a person receives such a letter, it's wise to keep it in a safe place. That way, should a potential employer, loan officer, mortgage officer or anyone else requires proof of employment, it can be copied and shown to the entity that requires the proof.

Proof of employment can be very valuable in a variety of situations. Regardless of the job, this letter can come in handy for many years to come. It should be written on the company letterhead and the envelope should also be the company letterhead.

This helps to verify that the letter isn't a fake or a forgery. If unsure of the proper format for such a letter, there are many that can be found as examples and loosely copied inserting the proper and vital information.

Most employment certification letters will be addressed "To whom it may concern;" A few will be filled out in a form type letter and some will be addressed to a specific person at a specific company to verify the employment.

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