Assessing your Employee Training Development Program

A well run Employee Training development program begins with a true assessment of where your team is at today and where you want them to go tomorrow.

Depending on your organization you could do it through developing competencies for each individual major task. How successful they are at showing competency in each task will determine what your training program should focus on.

So as an example let's take a look at a restaurant. In fact you could use any example from an accounting office to an auto shop.

So what are some major tasks that someone working in a restaurant might need to be competent in?

Here is just a short list of some of what they might be:

Chopping vegetables

Slicing Meat

Cooking Temperatures and Times

Following Recipes

Dating and Labeling Products or First In First Out

Checking Meat Temperatures

Checking Refrigerator Temperatures

Cleaning a Deep Fryer

Setting a Table

Serving a Table

Pouring Wine


The next step would be to identify what is the proper process to know if someone is competent at completing any of these takes.

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Once you test your staff by a written test or observation you will know how competent they are and what you need to focus your Employee Training program on.

My guess is that this will continually be evolving.

When you are creating your list of tasks you can also include other need to know items such as your employee privacy act information, or specific company policy information such as a no gossip or sexual harassment policy. These can all be turned into a competency.

It never hurts to arm yourself with as much information as possible so that you develop just the right Employee Training development program that fits your needs. One of the books I think that will be really helpful is a book by Raymond Noe, "Employee Training and Development".

I am a very strong believer in the idea that knowledge is power and if you are to gain knowledge you have to make an investment of time and money. Time in the form of reading. Money in the form of books and other materials.

The benefit to you is that your staff is more productive which translates into more money and time in the end. If they are more productive, my guess would be that your clients/customers are more satisfied.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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