Employee Review Software:
What To Look For

Employee Review Software

Determining the qualities that your employee review software should have can help you hone this valuable tool in achieving company success. Both small and large companies have an opportunity to improve efficiency and planning through employee reviews. By selecting software that can address numerous points within your business, you can discover valuable clues as to how you can tighten the operation and save both time and money.

Conducting employee reviews using effective employee review software can help determine the small everyday aspects of your business that require a larger vision. For instance, a review can help you determine whether you should offer wage increases and/or help you gather the knowledge and documentation necessary for disciplinary actions. It can even assist in determining of promotions or terminations. Although many managers will agonize over conducting performance reviews it is a very important part of your business.

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Employee Review Software:  This means that individual data can be compared against the company expectation…

Using effective employee review software can help you track employee performance based on factors that will bring great value through increased sales or the increased production of product. This is not as complicated as one may think. After all who knows your business and what will grow it than you. This means that individual data can be compared against the company expectation. Each employee can be reviewed on the basis of his or her job description. Make sure that your employee review program policy is included in your employee handbook so that it will help employees understand what the expectation is. This includes any opportunity for promotion or wage increases.

By making sure that the measurements used in your employee review software are beneficial to the growth of your business it will allow you to begin tracking which skills are most important to interview new employees for. This takes some of the guess work away, although personalities are a huge part of any new employee. However, armed with information you can begin to develop interview questions that are performance based, instead of more generic senseless questions like what is your five-year plan. If it is a certain skill that is required to enhance the business then build into your interview a live test that they can demonstrate that skill.

Your review process will involve productivity over measured periods of time…

Effective employee review software that can track and trend data is a valuable addition to your business. I know from my own experience when we assume, we know what the problem is without backing it up with data we are generally wrong. For instance, maybe, your review process will involve productivity over measured periods of time. In order to be considered successful the employee must meet a certain point. In order for that same employee to be considered for a wage increase you may increase that point to a higher level so in essence the employee is earning that increase. The employee review software should be able to help track and trend the data so you know how much of an increase if reasonable.

Regarding those individuals with poor performance it is good to have employee review software that tracks that type of information as well. No one wants to terminate someone, but if the individual’s productivity over the long haul is causing you to lose money you must act. Unless you consider your business to be some type of welfare system the employee must improve or be let go. Your tracking system will identify in hard data that the employee needs to be put on a performance improvement plan. If they do not improve then it would be time to seriously consider termination. Again, it is important that this is all outlined in your employee handbook. This is all data that can be used to substantiate your actions in a legal proceeding if the employee claims wrongful discharge!

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