At Last an Employee Review Form that Actually Improves Morale and Performance

At last an employee review form created by a human resource professional that produces positive feedback intended to improve morale and performance!

Imagine coming away from a performance meeting with your employee that leaves everyone feeling like a true team.

In my thirty-seven plus years in a leadership role I have discovered that an employee wants to hear and read honest feedback and not look at some form that has blocks checked!

That is exactly why I created my own employee evaluation form that begs the real question of how the employee is doing.

The truth is that when an employee feels valued by their employer they will be more loyal and money does not equal value. It has been proven time and time again through survey after survey money is not the primary objective. If an employee does not feel valued they will leave no matter what their wages are. The problem is while they are looking for another job their performance effects your operation.

But you must be honest with them!

Don’t make the critical mistake of fluffing up the employee review with wonderful remarks when the employee is not really performing at the level you describe! Be honest with them while offering ways for them to improve.

As an example:

Time Management

John needs to continue to improve on submitting his monthly reports in a timely manner. I would suggest that John creates a reminder system that prompts him to submit the reports on time. This could be set up so that it prompts him ten days out, then five days, and then finally the day before they are due.

Now understand while you are going over the employee review with John you will go into more detail, such as, offering your personal help in setting up a system or teaming up with someone else that already is using this system.

Thank you and may God Bless You!

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