Employee Productivity Software - Why You Should Invest In?

Do you feel that your employees are not as productive as they could be? Employee productivity software could help you run your business more efficiently. Productivity software can be used to keep track of how much employees accomplish and will help you organize your workplace more efficiently.

Employee productivity software allows you to see how much each employee works and how quickly they complete each task. This is a good way of assessing which employees are the most efficient and which ones could use some motivation or additional training.

Knowing that their productivity is monitored will encourage employees to work harder. Employees will be less likely to take frequent breaks and will be more aware that they need to meet certain productivity standards. This tool will encourage everyone to work hard and to keep track of their time.

You can use software to get an idea of general trends as well. You might for instance realize that a majority of employees are not working as hard as they could. You can then make a few changes to reverse the current trend.

You could use productivity software to figure out which employees deserve a raise. This is a great way to motivate everyone and to make employees feel that their hard work is rewarded. More people will make a real effort to work more efficiently if they know that they can obtain a raise thanks to their hard work. You can use productivity software to provide employees with individual feedback on their work. This will help them pinpoint the things they need to improve. You could also use this data to determine which employees need more training and which ones can be promoted to more complex tasks.

You need to carefully select your employee productivity software. Do some research on the different products available to you. Select software that is adapted to your needs and your budget. There is no need to spend more to get features that you will not use.

If possible, select software sold by a reliable seller who offers technical assistance as well as free training to help you become comfortable with the different features of the software. This will help you get the most out of your productivity software.

In the end, productivity software is a great investment if you feel that your business could benefit from keeping track of how efficient employees are. Use the data you collect to improve performances, for instance by offering raises to productive employees or by looking for employees who need additional training.

Thank you and May God bless you!

Employee Productivity Software Can Gain You An Advantage

There is no question that everyone is trying to gain any advantage they can, no matter how small or large, to produce more with less while still maintaining an acceptable level of quality. Frankly it is getting harder and harder to squeeze any more blood out of that proverbial turnip. We are being hit from all sides from experts trying to sell us that magic bean that will somehow turn our ordinary workforce into an extraordinary one. One example of this is the introduction of employee productivity software.

So what in the world is employee productivity software and will it really improve an employee’s productivity in the way we hope that it will?

All I can say is that I have been in the business world since 1973 in a leadership role and although I will not discount the introduction of productivity software there is absolutely no substitution for the more traditional methods (someone would call them outdated) of increasing productivity. My personal experience from my forty plus years of being in the trenches is that you must fully understand your employees to achieve the most productivity possible from them. However, I know that activity does not always equal productivity so I do believe in modern technology and using it to our advantage. Let me explain by using a real life example.

Way back in the late 80’s when memory typewriters were beginning to be phased out and taken over completely by desktop computers I was working for a fortune 500 Company. In our office were a number of company executives and their support staff, including our Regional Vice President and his secretary. She was an amazing women and very attention to detail. You hardly ever saw her sitting still.

One of her routine duties was to send a monthly letter out to all the clients in our region. Each letter needed to be personally addressed trying to avoid the appearance of a mass mailing; however, the content was all the same. This was a duty she did with her memory typewriter like almost all the tasks she did instead of learning and using her desktop computer. She would load all the client names and addresses into the memory typewriter and then manually place a single sheet of paper into the memory typewriter for each and every client, well over three hundred of them.

One day I mentioned to her that I could teach her how to streamline the process by using her desktop computer to do the exact same thing and print out all the letters at once. She looked at me like I was some type of freak and told me that she only wished she could take the time to learn something different. Not too long after that the office was required to down size and an individual with more computer knowledge was retained and she was let go. This is a prime example of how employee productivity software can help increase productivity, i.e., doing less with more.

In the example above, it wasn’t a matter of someone not working hard, because she was working very hard! In fact, she was working far harder than she needed to be working. As I had mentioned earlier it isn’t about activity, it is about productivity. The right software can cut some activity by a significant amount.

Therefore, in addition to understanding your employee’s strengths and weaknesses it is a wise manager that recognizes when there is new employee productivity software that can help increase the amount of work load they can produce in a quality way.

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