Employee Privacy Act - Become Very Familiar with It!

Become familiar with the Employee Privacy Act or you might pay a big price later!

Consider now how you handle everything from employee information to the information you collect on your clients and customers.

Are you safeguarding it?

What about emails? What's your company policy on those?

Do you have a privacy act policy in your handbook?

If you don't there are many good inexpensive software programs that provide great information and give you employee handbook samples to implement right into your policy. Here are just one of examples of some software you can use that I recommend.

You must be careful that personal information is not disclosed to anyone unless permission has been received and is on record to do so. Of course no one should be working with anyone's personal information without a need to know.

So that means that even if you have access, it does not mean you have the right to view someone's personal information unless you have a legitimate need to know.

There are so many things to understand legally about this subject and to get the best understanding I recommend this book "The Privacy Papers: Managing Technology, Consumer, Employee and Legislative Actions" by Rebecca Herold. I feel it is certainly worth the money. Some things are better left up to the experts so that you are safe.

Thank You and may God Bless You!

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