Employee Policy Manual Software

Can free employee policy manual software truly work as well as the expensive versions?

The purpose of any software is to make a process easier and more efficient right? Therefore, whether it’s free or costs one thousand dollars the real bottom line is does it deliver on its promise to do what it says it will do.

Creating an employee policy manual can be extremely difficult in our litigious environment today. Either the state or federal government seems to have their hands in almost part of any business today, especially if they have employees.

As an example, the state of California is very concerned about how a business deals with sexual harassment and has passed the AB1825 law governing it. I won’t get into the details of this particular law but the point is that any business with employees better know what laws apply to them or they may find their self on the wrong end of a law suit.

In today’s world having an organization provide free employee policy manual software is extremely unusual. Why not take advantage of it when you can provided it works.

In my forty years of being in a leadership role I have found attendance to be one of the biggest and continual thorns that drives productivity into the ground if not managed properly. Poor attendance (calling in sick) touches every part of the business regardless of who is out. When someone calls in sick someone else must do the job or it simply doesn’t get done that day. This will either cost overtime or a delay in delivering whatever you promised to your customer.

Therefore, why not establish a written attendance policy and incorporate it into an employee policy manual. The free employee policy manual software allows you to decide how much time in advance an employee must call in if they are going to be tardy or late. It will allow you to decide whether they must provide a medical excuse. It will allow you to decide how many times someone can call in sick before some type of disciplinary action occurs. It defines what tardy is.

What about break and lunch times? Do you know what your state law says about them? Having free employee policy manual software that will tell you what your state law is could be extremely helpful before creating a written policy on it. As an example some states require that you provide a break every four hours while others don’t require anything. Some states require you to provide up to two hours for lunch depending on where you are located. What about those times you have someone working overtime? Are you required to provide breaks for them, and if, so how much? Don’t guess! It would sure be nice to have a tool that could do all that for you that was free.

Another complicated issue is whether you are required to pay any accrued vacation or sick time if someone voluntarily quits or is terminated for cause. Going one step further for that same issue would be how quickly are you required to pay them any final pay owed? Different states have different rules and you better familiarize yourself with your states rules.

Another policy not found in many free employee policy manual software programs is the use of company telephones or cellular telephones. Now that several states have implemented laws not allowing drivers to drive while using a cellular telephone what does your company say about it. Do you have a written policy on it?

An even more sensitive topic is drug and alcohol use! We all assume that an employee knows they can’t show up to work under the influence but what if it falls below the legal limit to drive a vehicle? In other words do you have a zero tolerance policy to protect you especially against work related accidents?

As you can see there are a number of workplace policies that make it in your best interest to have a written policy to cover yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an organization that provides a free employee policy manual software program?

Thank you and may God bless you!

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