Learn the Secrets to Improving Employee Performance!

There is a secret in improving employee performance and it's not found in some complex multifunctional program that takes months, if not years to facilitate. Nor is it found in another one of those flavors of the week. I've been in Human Resources and Operational Management for over thirty­ five years and there is only one secret to improving employee performance.

I've managed individuals that others have given up on. The secret is all in the relationship you develop between you and your staff. My method of improving employee performance goes all the way back to my days in the Marine Corps. Although there were different rules in the Marine Corps on achieving performance, and I will not elaborate on that, the overall method I used is still in effect today.

I try never to fail to recognize them!

When I say a relationship of course I am speaking of only a professional relationship. But the bottom line is to treat people like people. I have gotten individuals to give there all, volunteer, pull together as a team, sacrifice time off, all in order, so that as a team, we can achieve our goal. They get to a place where they want to please me, and of course that means their performance is going to improve.

I do this by caring for them. I try never to fail to recognize them whenever I see them, whether in the work place or during off times. I find out about their family without being too much into their business. For instance if they bring up their family I just use that as an opportunity to ask non threatening questions. Maybe its how many children do they have, or what are their ages? Maybe it's how long have they been married or what are their favorite hobbies.

People want to be recognized for what they do!

I never fail to thank them for the smallest things. In other words recognize what they are doing and the amount of effort they are putting into their jobs. People want to be recognized for what they do and by you doing so you are telling them indirectly you care. You must do this consistently and it must be genuine and sincere. If it's not, you will have the opposite effect.

I have been able to get the worst performers stepping up to the plate and really making a change for the better. It's not through a hammer or big stick but by creating an environment that we are all in this together. Together we succeed or individually we fail. I constantly let them know that they can succeed without me, but I could never succeed without them, and that's a fact!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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