Employee Performance Review Software

Employee performance review software can save you hours upon hours of time while providing a professional document that you can be proud to review and issue to your employees.

This world is becoming automated and if you don't get on soon, you will be left in the dust of those that have.

I really don't have a particular company that produces quality performance review software that I can recommend; however, I will say there are some things to look for in that software before you purchase it.

Remember price is not always an indicator of quality, but it can be.

Look for software designed by either a Human Resources Professional or a Law Firm. Just because it is designed by either of these two professions does not mean it has to be expensive. As an example Standard Legal, a company I do recommend for employee handbooks and employee forms, is an excellent source for documents at a very reasonable price. I honestly don't know if they have employee performance review software.

Look for software that you can customize to fit your specific type of business. Contrary to popular belief not all performance review software should be the same! No Kidding! Make sure you can change categories and ratings.

Make sure they can be saved to your hard drive so that you can pull them up for the following year.

Make sure it meets any state regulations that your state may require, which I don't presently know of any.

Make sure the software has positive phrases and sample sentences for various trades and task that you can plug into the review.

Finally, make sure they have a return policy and a support system that you can actually get in touch with. There is nothing more frustrating than calling an 800 number and never being able to talk with a live person. This may cost a little more but it may be worth it in the end.

Again, check out several performance review software programs before deciding on any particular one.

Top Employee Performance Review Software!

Performance appraisal software can be considered as a subset of talent management software that streamlines employee review cycle. The software helps the managers assess the work of each employee accurately and objectively so as to make important decisions about firing or promoting the employees. This article compares the top employee performance review software.

Cornerstone Performance Software It is one of the modules that can be used independently or can be integrated into other products. It is an ideal module for alignment and organizational development. The user interface of the software is superb and allows one to match the competencies and the goals. The software has a fantastic analytics and enables the user to analyze the performance of employees based on solid data. This tool is ideal for learning organization. Features •    It is based on flash technology Cons •    Cannot be used on iPads •    It’s difficult to make changes in the software Pros •    It easier to integrate in the work life and use •    Strikes a good balance between competencies and goals


This is one of the greatest software that provides an end to end approach to employee management. It is cloud based and gives organizations accessible solutions to manage human resources. It gives the manager a complete visibility of the employees’ life cycle starting from recruitment to retirement. Features •    Includes features for talent acquisition administration, payroll, real time reporting, time, attendance and many more •    Functionality is deployed in cloud Pros •    Offer services on 24/7 basis •    Can be accessed from any point since it is cloud based •    Can be scaled to meet the ever increasing needs of an organization •    Its user friendly Cons •    It is costly


It is suitable for organizations looking for a better way to drive individuals’ performance. The tool allows users and managers to align their teams around organizational goals. It allows the mangers to coach their subjects and delivers feedback on individuals’ performance against the goal. It makes it easier for the managers to create compliant performance summaries.

Features •    Allows companies to motivate and align employees on chosen goals •    It integrates with social tools Prose •    It is user friendly •    Allows managers to effectively identify and reward top performers •    It’s transparent Con •    The price of production can be a little bit unreasonable


This software works for human resources and is an effective tool that helps them in recruiting new employees. The system incorporates features for template requisition, corporate site integration, social sharing, referral management and bulk email sending. Pros •    It’s an automated reporting tool •    Tracks everything right from interviews to the cost per hire •    Provides unlimited ongoing support and consulting services •    It is easy to use Cons •    Its mobile friendly feature can be enjoyed at a cost •    It’s difficult for applicants to place their application online unless they use email

This employee performance review software will be incomplete if Automated Payroll system software is not mentioned. This software has been around for almost two decades to provide payroll and tax compliance services. APS is a cloud-based solution with services streamlined and scaled to various sized companies. It is a flexible tool that can be deployed for absence and attendance management.

Choosing The Best Employee Performance Review Software!

A skilled workforce is the lifeblood of any organization. Employers worldwide spend more than $120 billion in order to attract the top talent to their organization. But if they don't invest in developing the recruited talent, the money spent on recruitment becomes quite a waste in the long run. This is why companies need to pay close attention to measure their employee performance on a constant basis. They should use the latest technology available for this purpose. This is where employee performance review software comes in handy. This article provides a comprehensive overview of choosing the best employee performance review software.

The best software will help the managers write accurate job profiles, create objectives that are aligned with the company's goals and mission, write appraisals and document employee performance. The right software is very important in this regard. Such software will help improve employee engagement through recognition, transparency and feedback. Each employee will have a chance to see how they contribute towards the company's mission. This will even help them perform much better in the long run. This is how important the right performance review software in order to enhance the productivity of your workforce.

Choosing the best software can be quite a difficult task with all the competition on the market. There are so many performance review software on the market today. But not all of them are top-notch. This is why it is important that you do your homework before purchasing the most effective software for your organization. The internet is a reliable source in choosing the best software out there. You may visit Google or your preferred search engine to find the best products on the market today. Peruse the websites of the service providers who sell these software. Check for customer testimonials on their website. What are real users saying about the software? Are the majority of them satisfied with the software? If so, you can relay on such a software to provide the best benefits for your organization. Asking your friends and co-workers is another effective method of choosing an effective performance review software on the market. They will be glad to help you if they have prior experience in dealing with such software. These are some of the best ways to search for a performance review software for your company.

employee performance review software

A good performance review software will offer so many important functions such as performance appraisals, coaching management, development planning, pay for performance, reporting and analytics, talent profiles, mobile capabilities, multi rater functionalities, feedback management, performance and productivity analytics, competency management and skill assessments, etc. It is important to choose a software with the essential features for your organization.

In conclusion, choosing the best performance management software is not an easy task. There are so many software on the market, but not all of them are top-notch. This is why it is important to do your own research before choosing such a software. This article highlights important factors to consider in this regard.

The Advantages Of An Employee Performance Review Software!

Being a team leader means more than giving instructions to a bunch of people who have to follow your orders. Humans need motivation to keep on delivering a good job. If they don't see what's in it for them, sooner or later they are going to leave or do low quality work. In order to see where you need to take action, you have to carefully monitor the performance of each member of your team. In small teams, it's easy to do it manually, but when it comes to large organizations, you need a good employee performance review software to allow you keep track of the progress of each of your people.

HR managers know very well how much an employee performance review software can help them in their work. It allows them spend less time on bureaucracy and paperwork and more time on their actual job, which is to help people improve their skills and keep their motivation at high levels. Such software allows them to see at a glance who are the best performers in a team and who are those who don't want to improve and don't deliver the kind of performance which is expected from them. If you need to fire some people, you can see immediately who can disappear without impacting your organization too much.

This kind of software is a very helpful tool for your HR department. Based on it, they can produce analyses of the performance of each team or each department in your company. You can assess the activity of each employee by comparing their levels of effectiveness, their number of clients and active contacts they maintain. You can also see the amount of sales generated by each member of a team, so that you can compare these figures with the plans. You can identify your best performers in order to reward them properly.

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Such software tools include scoring systems that allow you to rank your employees according to certain criteria you define based on the specific of your activity. You define your metrics such as the total number of customers or the sales volumes and then the software assigns points to each member of a team and to teams, if needed. You can have a top of your best people in as little as a few minutes, so you won't have to spend a lot of time or bother with complex Excel spreadsheets anymore. The biggest advantage of such HR software tools is that they allow you to be very efficient in your work and use the time for activities that bring you direct sales. You can spend more time catering to your clients and strengthening the relationships with your business partners and potential clients. You can focus on bringing in a steady flow of qualified leads and turn them into loyal customers. This is time that brings you direct profits, so that's what you should do more, but without neglecting your employees and the assessment of their performance. That's what such software is for.

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