How To Establish Employee Performance Plans

Having employee performance plans for every one of your staff members is the foundation for creating a very productive work force.

Putting it into a more realist way to think about it try driving across the country without a road map! You might get lucky and arrive at your destination on time, but the chances are very low.

The same can be said about asking your staff to perform without a solid well laid out plan of action.

So what do employee performance plans look like and how do we prepare one for our employees?

It starts with providing an employee with a position description. Although a position description is a rough outline of what the basic duties of the job entail it begins the process.

Again, a way to look at it is to think about a map. For the purposes of this discussion let’s say that you want to get to a certain location inside the city of Denver, Colorado. The position description would be like taking a look at a map of Colorado. When you look at the state as a whole the map shows all the cities within the state along with the roads that lead you into Denver itself.

In order to get closer to our destination we must then get a map of Denver itself.

Therefore, to draw this analogy the next step in preparing employee performance plans we would create performance standards outlined in an employee’s performance review. This would be reviewed with the employee prior to the performance year beginning. In these standards it will define what is expected from them.

As an example the position description may state this;

The employee will have the ability to understand computer spreadsheets.

Building off this example the performance standards might look like this:

The employee will create and maintain Microsoft Excel Financial Spreadsheets capturing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual data reported to them from the retail facilities.

The final piece to this puzzle in creating employee performance plans is to define the duties specifically either in a policy and procedures manual or within a training program. That training program could include just an initial orientation and training or ongoing. It might include a certain number of mandatory higher education credits per year in order to maintain a job rating. It may require in house education. With all this said the final part to this piece of creating employee performance plans is to verify their competency personally.

So in the above example if this were an accounting position the employee would not only have to produce their state required certification, but you as their leadership would also personally verify their ability to do the job you have assigned to them.

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