Employee Mentoring Programs

I feel very strongly about every organization establishing solid employee mentoring programs to ensure your survival.

Currently I am a formal mentor of an individual that is a participant of a year long leadership program. I have been a part of this program for several years and I can't tell you the enjoyment I get from my participation. I still get and welcome previous participants calling me.

When you are establishing Employee Mentoring Programs remember that mentoring is something that we do on an ongoing basis often times without even knowing it, such as our children or co-workers.

Mentoring is not taking what you know and forcing it upon another via some long winded lecture. It is however, guiding someone in the right direction using your knowledge in life, or a specific subject matter. You don't have necessarily be an expert on the subject either.

I find the best way to accomplish this is through open ended questions that helps the person see the issue differently. Some times the questions you ask help you see the issue differently also.

For instance if someone defines a problem that has a number of issues you might help them peel back the layers and pin point the root cause, or the most important issue to begin with.

Help them to see their reality!

You can also help them see their reality. Sometimes that is the biggest issue of all when someone first tries to take on a project. A simplified version might be if they were trying to build a house and all they have are nails but no hammer. The present reality is that you need some more tools to build the house successfully.

Another example might be if your goal is to travel across the country in an automobile. Before you begin you will need to assess the operational capacity of your vehicle, how much money you have versus how much it will cost, etc. That is your present reality versus what do you need to get there.

This can all be done through a series of good open ended questions. Do this versus giving them what you think they should do. Kind of like you can give a man a fish and they will eat for the day, or you can teach them to fish and they will eat for the rest of their life. That is a mentor.

There are a lot of different mentoring books available but I especially like Monday Morning Leadership" by David Cottrell. It is a very quick book to read and should give you great insight into how to become a good, if not great, mentor.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it. It is inexpensive and offered by Amazon. I believe you can even get a used copy at a reduced price.

She Said She Wasn't a Leader!

This article is about a recent employee mentoring program session I had with a wonderful woman that I had just agreed to meet with and mentor.

The primary focus of this article is to ask yourself if you ever really think about whether you are a leader or not?

Prior to our very first meeting I asked her to consider what she felt the differences were between a leaders and a manager.

I also asked her to consider what she believed her greatest strength was, as well as, her greatest weakness.

After we began and talked for a few minutes I asked her what she would like to get out of our meetings together.

Employee Mentoring Programs - Caring for him was taking more and more of her time!

She paused for a minute and then said that she really wasn't trying to advance her career, but more importantly was trying to become a better leader of her home and personal situation.

We spoke a little more and after I asked several more questions she explained that her husband had MS and was pretty much confined to their home. Caring for him was taking more and more of her time, which was the reason she went from full time to part time work. This also put a strain on their finances.

She absolutely loved helping out at her church, but between caring for her husband and her job it was becoming harder and harder to manage.

I asked about her children. She had two young adult's that were struggling a bit because of their fathers situation.

After speaking a little more I asked her what she thought was her greatest weakness.

She hesitated a bit and said that she didn't think she was a very good leader. She didn't think that she was handling everything in her life very well and that a good leader would take charge of the situation and solve the problems she was facing.

Employee Mentoring Programs - She was making decisions for the future care of her husband!

After a little more conversation I was able to see that based on everything she had told me about, that in fact she was handling more than most people could stand, yet she was excelling at work, at her church, and most likely at home.

Her two daughters were rebounding from their fathers situation mostly because of her leadership.

She just finished a mission trip with her church, which most of us would not take the time to worry about if we had the same situation to deal with.

And finally she was making decisions now for the future of her husbands care, which meant that she was looking past today into tomorrow.

These are all signs of a very good leader if not great one!

I finished our first meeting by telling her I believed that what she thought was her greatest weakness was probably her greatest strength! That she was rising above the issue of her life and taking them on with common sense and determination. That she wasn't running from them or having a pity party! Yes she was a great leader in her own way!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

She Wanted a New House and He Didn’t

This article on mentoring is about a session I had with an individual that was nearing retirement with her husband.

Earlier in life they both agreed they would save for their dream house, but now because of the recent economy her husband is worried about having enough money for retirement and she still wants her Dream House.

As a mentor you often find yourself wanting to side with whoever you are mentoring; however, I caution you on this approach. Your mission as a mentor is to help them see a clear or clearer solution to their issue. I say issue and not problem, because all discussion you have are not necessarily problems.

The woman explained that they had saved for their entire lives for the Dream House and she wanted to follow through with their agreement.

Employee Mentoring Programs - Fund may fluctuate greatly up or down!

Her husband was extremely worried that if they in fact did build the Dream House that it would effect their retirement is ways such as traveling. He did not want to be tied down to a new house and the responsibilities that go along with it.

Although I was only meeting with her, I realized both had good points and deserved to be look into further.

I asked extensive questions about the finances and found that she was sound in her vision in that they seemed to have enough saved to pay cash for the home.

On the other hand because of the economy her husband was sound in his thinking also since the remaining funds may fluctuate greatly up or down. Of course the up part wouldn't be a problem, but the down sure would.

After a lengthy meeting we decided that both would agree on a financial planner to review their situation and give their professional opinion of what would be wise. Of course she would have to get her husband’s support, but she thought that this would be a good approach.

So my role as a mentor was not to decide who was right. It was to help her find a way to uncover all the facts and then make a wise decision based on those and not emotion.

The Best Real Estate Mentor I Ever Knew!

One of the best real estate investment mentors I have had the privilege of knowing is a gentlemen by the name of Alex Misico.

He has and continues to be the person I will call regarding anything that has to do with real estate investment. His vast knowledge and experience is unmatched by anyone I have been involved with.

It seems so easy to him!

What I think is a complex issue such as how do you know what neighborhoods to invest in, are no problem for him. You hear that some neighborhoods are bad investments, but he will tell you how to know for sure.

Or if I do buy an investment property how do I know what I should fix or not fix. After all if I fix everything that cost money and will I get a return on it?

Employee Mentoring Programs - His years and years of experience make you feel comfortable

His years and years of experience make you feel comfortable with the answers that he has given me.

I asked him recently if he had ever considered writing a book about his experience. His answer was that if he did it would have to be something that was short and not complicated. He was tired of seeing all these books and manuals that were pages and pages of information that really didn't matter.

His idea of a book on how to invest in real estate would be more of the common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. He said it isn't that complicated but people still get hung up on them.

So that is what I asked him to do again - write a book that was short and not complicated!

Well he said yes this time and I get the pleasure of being able to offer it to you.

Employee Mentoring Programs - He said he would make himself available by telephone

Alex is a great friend of mine and I can't believe he is offering this ebook at this price.

He has gone one step further in that he said he would make himself available by telephone to anyone that purchases the ebook; however, only a certain amount of people would get this opportunity before too many people purchase the book.

I can't believe he has made himself available by telephone. I thought I was the only one that could tap into his wealth of information for free. This alone is worth thousands of dollars, and he just wants to give it away for the purchase of his ebook. That is the kind of individual Alex is. He is passionate about real estate and wants to help people. That is what a mentor does - helps people!

If you are thinking about making real estate investments, whether it is flipping houses, renting them out, or any other type of investment, this ebook and his mentorship will be very valuable to the process.

You need to act quickly though, before there are too many people that have purchased the ebook and he can no longer answer all the calls. He has limited this offer to the first two hundred books sold.

Good luck in your real estate investments! Thank you for reading this article on Real Estate Investment Mentors!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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