Employee Manual Template

Using an employee manual template to produce your employee handbook is one of the smartest thing you can do as a business owner. With money such a tremendous and precious resource every dime you spend must pay dividends.

Standard Legal's employee manual template is such a great resource at an unbelievably low price starting at around $35.

Employee law suits are on the rise! No question about it!

Along with businesses being continually asked to do more with less!

Federal and State employment laws are continually evolving!

That combined with 20% of the employees requiring 80% of our time!

Do you feel like giving up?

Well Don’t!

Everything we do requires us to follow rules. Whether it’s driving on the roads or playing a simple game of softball we must comply with some pretty simple rules. If we don’t we have chaos.

The workplace is no different! In fact employees thrive on rules to know that there will be some sense of order!

Standard Legal offers a great inexpensive Employee manual template that will bring order to your workplace!

By having something so simple as a employee policy manual your staff will appreciate it and you then can legally hold the 20% of your staff that cause you all the pain! Here is a sample of a simple employee manual template policy that I modified just slightly to give you an example!

Employee Status Sample Policy

The guidelines and rules explained within this employee policy manual are not all inclusive. Instead, they are based on wide criteria and include essentially the most frequently asked concerns regarding working at this Business. The Business can alter the substance of this employee policy manual, together with any inserts and revisions that could be connected to it. This employee policy manual, along with the content enclosed inside, doesn't signify a lawfully executed agreement with the Business. Employees have no contractual legal rights to any specific policy, procedures, or benefit mentioned. Employment may be terminated with or without having a reason as well as with or without warning. Absolutely no one except the chief executive of the Business has authority to initiate any commitment for employment or benefits, or to produce any contract counter to the previously mentioned information.

Even though this employee policy manual was established to offer information to employees, it's not at all to be interpreted as being a possible employment agreement of any type. The information within this employee policy manual is meant to provide direction nevertheless doesn't change the conditions of employment.

The Business, at its discernment, may alter, eliminate, postpone or stop all or any elements of the guidelines in this employee policy manual with no prior notice. This employee policy manual will not alter federal or state regulations nor should it function as lawful guidance.

In the event any element of this employee policy manual becomes unenforceable and regarded unacceptable in the eyes of the law then those findings will not invalidate any other portion of the employee policy manual, merely the specific provision found to be unacceptable.

Imagine a having a software program for less than forty dollars that offers a professional employee manual template written by employment law attorneys. The good news is that there are a number of great employee policy manual software programs that offer exactly that; however, be selective about how you go about choosing one for your specific needs.

Some of the obvious things to look for when searching for an employee manual template is one that offer’s a large number of prewritten employment policies to give you a wide variety of choices. My guess is that you have not given consideration to all the various choices that you may decided to include after you get your employee manual software. Just as a quick example have you thought of a policy that covers Gossip? I have seen more trouble come from rumors and gossip that destroys a work environment! My recommendation is to include it in your employee manual.

Other things to consider when you are looking for the right employee manual template is one that will include updates when employment laws change. Guess what they change and you don’t want to be left hanging out there when it does. So chose a employee policy software that will include those updates when the occur and won’t cost you an arm and leg. Look for those that offer free updates first, then consider the others next.

There are many choices for an employee manual template out there. In order to save you time at the time of this writing there were 170,000 choices. It can get pretty confusing if you’re not sure what you want. If you allow a law firm to prepare one for you it will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Employment law attorneys are expensive. Therefore, why not look for one that has been written by employment law attorney’s yet because it is built into a software package it reduces the expense to you.

Your business is important and understanding that not having an employee handbook could cost you everything if you ever get involved in an employee dispute. Take my word for it – you will have disputes. Just to give you an example of this is when I was a volunteer at my local church. My volunteer assignment was Personnel Director. One of the first things I created was an employee policy manual and it came in to play almost immediately. Our youth director had a dispute about our vacation policy and the employee handbook put the dispute to rest quickly. That is the importance of having a great employee manual template that include all types of policies.

Another reason for having an employee policy manual is that when you do get to a point that an employee claims anything from discrimination to wrongful termination you will have the best weapon available. Now keep in mind having an employee policy manual does not allow you to do as you please. You must understand that you must follow your own policies and apply them fairly and equally across the board. That will help to protect you against those types of charges. Even with the best intent you will most likely be charged with it sooner or later if you are in business long enough.

Just like what the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”! There is no better way to be prepared than to select the right employee manual template and produce yourself an employee policy manual for your business!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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